Checking out ‘Jawbone’ starring the great Johnny Harris #movies

When I heard the film ‘Jawbone’ was due for release, I was super excited. Not only because the film looked really interesting, but because it would be starring and was written by one of my favourite actors Mr Johnny Harris.(London to Brighton, The Fades) So whats my verdict on ‘Jawbone’ and whats it about?

Former youth boxing champion Jimmy McCabe (played by Johnny Harris)  after hitting rock bottom, returns to his childhood boxing club and his old team, gym owner Bill  (played by Ray Winstone) and corner-man Eddie.(played by Michael Smiley) to try and get his life back on track and battle his mental demons. Jawbone is far more than a boxing film (although the boxing scenes are brilliantly put together) Jawbone is about a man, a damaged man, a genuine man who faces battles on every side of his life, whether it be from his pending house eviction, his alcoholism, the grief from his Mothers death and of course the damage he faces in the boxing ring.

Whilst there are of course several cast members that build up this story, the film does sit firmly on the shoulders of Johnny Harris, who has never let down any camera he performs in front of and gives here one of his best performances to date as Jimmy. Even in scenes where he has no dialogue, he lights up the screen and even a glance,a look, or a grimace  or a smile does exactly what it needs to and keeps the gripping storyline going along at a perfect pace.If you are a fan of boxing films then Jawbone is perfect for you, but even if you arent a fan of boxing films then Jawbone is also the perfect film for you. A brilliant human drama that just so happens to have some of the best boxing choreography that the screen has seen (and yes I have seen Raging Bull and all the Rocky films)

Director Thomas Napper has done a wonderful job with this film and I cant wait to see what he does for his follow up project and as for writer Johnny Harris. This man seems to have no end to his talents. Great work!


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