Spending Time With…Kevin Interdonato ( @KevinIntro ) Star of Bad Frank #supportindiefilm


Acclaimed the world over, the thrilling Bad Frank has just hit VOD from Gravitas Ventures. I spoke to star Kevin Interdonato about the beloved part he was “bummed” to leave behind, how many hats he wore on the film, and the journey to distribution.

Fantastic work on the film. Can you tell me how difficult a shoot it was for you? Was it at all taxing on you?

That’s very kind of you, thanks. It was damn tough on everyone individually, my own difficulties aren’t more important than anyone else’s that worked on the film. But yes, it was definitely one of the more challenging shoots due to budget restraints, injuries, lack of time…the normal stuff with Indies, I’m used to it. I don’t like being pampered, so certain areas that low-budget projects may lack in, might not bother me as it would others. This role did take its toll. Mentally. Physically. But I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t enjoy it.

Could you empathise with the character?

Sure. I even sympathized with certain aspects of Frank as well. I don’t dislike my characters at all, and always seek the good, search for vulnerabilities. There was a complexity to Frank that seemed so tangible to me, that he truly could be a real person that anyone knows, and I was determined to find the truth in him. Really enjoyed the part immensely, and was pretty damn bummed when we finished filming. Took a bit to snap out of it.

Being an independent film, did you have to wear more hats than usual on it? Any other responsibilities on the production other than performing in it?

After I received the offer for Frank, I jumped in the Script with Writer/Director Tony Germinario, and fleshed out a lot. Then I asked if I could also Produce, and was welcomed into the Project on that side as well. I’ve done some shitty movies, and given my all to filmmakers that aren’t as passionate about their work as I am about mine. It’s disheartening. So it’s an important aspect to me to do whatever I can to help make the Film I’m in, the best it could be.  And that’s part of the reason why I also open up my relationships to Distributors, Sales Reps, Actors, Crew, etc to any project I’m on…its all for the best of the film, you know?  


In terms of distribution, how was that achieved?

I introduced Tony and Brandon to Daniel Brandt at Lotus Entertainment, and they ended up taking Bad Frank Internationally. Jack Sheehan, our Foreign rep, is a workhorse and doing his best for the Film. Lotus also helped us secure Domestic through Gravitas Ventures.

In terms of the VOD release,  which territories has the film released in?

Been fortunate, Bad Frank is in China, Turkey, the entire Middle East, Iceland, and more on the way.

Is there a DVD or Blu-ray down the road?

The road is here…Bad Frank is on Amazon, and Redbox (among others, listed below). 

Do you yourself prefer a VOD or are you still a traditionalist that likes to collect a DVD?

I’m definitely a traditionalist. Nothing amps me up more than a physical copy, there’s such nostalgia and connective memories to it for me. I do bop around on iTunes and Netflix, but c’mon…nothing beats a DVD. 

Is it easy for a film to get distribution now that VOD and aggregation is so popular?


Its easier, not easy. Its also easier to make a film in general, which lends itself to anyone with a camera. More people interested in putting out ‘Content’, rather than focusing on quality Films. So its a bit convoluted, there’s a lot of shit out there. But as always, the cream does rise to the top. And this is a truly wonderful time for an Independent Artist to make a name for his or herself, because the opportunities are there. The platforms to be seen are abundant. And the room to learn and grow as Artists and Businessmen are endless. Its a great time to be in film.

Have you noticed more doors swinging open for you as a result of the success of Bad Frank? 

I like to think I’ve earned my keep in this business… maybe the hard work has just been finally paying off. I was in London in April working on a great Thriller called ‘False Witness’ by Dir. Tom Sands. And just recently I was offered a nice role from Director Peter Dobson in the highly-anticipated period-piece, “ASBURY PARK”. Beyond excited to be a part of this one, lot of talk in Hollywood about it already.

Next release is hands-down the Coolest Movie I’ve ever done, called DIRTY DEAD CON MEN. Cant wait for you guys to see it. 


What’s your dream role? 

Tough to answer. I get turned on to all different roles, as well as working with certain Directors and Actors. There’s more to it than just the character, its the whole Project.

But if I had to pinpoint…at this point in my life and career, I’d love to get a role similar to Die Hard. Or Bourne Identity. Taken. An Action film would be my biggest interest right now, hands down. But Ive learned that anytime I hoped or had a Plan, life just punched me in the gut. So whatever comes my way I’m interested in hearing more about…But I wouldn’t mind knockin’ some heads around. My Dad would love to see that.

And I’d really love to work with a female Director, still waiting. 

 BAD FRANK, Starring Kevin Interdonato, Hollywood Veteran Tom Sizemore, and former Boxing Champion Ray ‘Boom-Boom’ Mancini, is NOW available on:

iTunes, Amazon, Redbox, Google Play, YouTube, VUDU, Vimeo…and On Demand for most Satellite and Cable providers.

You can Follow Kevin’s on social media and send him your lovely comments. 

Twitter: @KevinIntro

Instagram: @TheKevinIntro

Facebook: @KevinInterdonato

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