Spending Time With… Chris Dinh ( @chrisdinh )


Available on streaming platforms from February 14 2017, writer-director William Lu’s film centers on a late night courier who agrees to pick up the feisty daughter of an important client. The two youngsters subsequently form a close connection and spend two nights exploring LA’s local food scene while their romance blossoms.

Chris Dinh (Play it again, Dick) and Julie Zhan (Pretty Little Liars) star in “a sweet, unassuming movie full of the unexpected.” (DCFilmDom).

In the tradition of Before Sunrise, Comfort will be available on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play now.

I had the chance to send over a few questions to Actor, Writer, Producer Chris Dinh , who not only took the time to answer them, but also helps me launch the first in the ‘Spending Time With…’ online article series. Whilst many of you might be familiar with my filmed project ‘Spending Time With…’ ( http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5884988/?ref_=nv_sr_1 ) that is due out this year. I also realise that its near impossible for me to sit down and chat with everyone I would like to sit with so I figured that I would send out a list of questions to some creative souls, in the hope that they would find the time to let me see what it was like ‘Spending Time With…’ them.

Chris has appeared on a large variety of films and shows, including network TV shows such as Numbers, Play It Again Dick, and Jericho, feature films such as Comfort, Bad Night, and Asian Stories, as well as an amazing list of short films. Not only is Chris a great actor, but he is also a successful and talented writer, and producer. More than that, hes an awesome guy who found the time to chat to me. A great resume and thumbs up as far as I am concerned.

So what questions did I ask him, and what did he answer with? Well have a read and get to know Chris Dinh as we take a break and see what its like ‘Spending Time With… Chris Dinh’

Is there a book that you have reread more than any other?

I’d like to start with a big thanks for checking us out! I do all of my reading on my kindle and if you’re familiar with kindles, you can just look up your highlights. So I reread my highlights all the time. The book I’ve highlighted to death is “Daily Rituals: How Artists Work” by Mason Curry. It’s a really inspiring to get a glimpse into the the lives of great writers, mathematicians, architects of the world.

Favourite Childhood TV show growing up?

I would have to go with “X-Files.” My brother and I had a very specific gauge for our favorite shows. I grew up on a farm way out in Riverside. We were so far out that our TV antenna barely picked up the 7 broadcast channels. Each channel required the antenna to be pointing in a specific direction. So if we wanted to watch channel 11, one of us would have to scale a tree to get up on the roof to physically point the antenna in the channel 11 direction. We always climbed up to the roof for “X-FILES”

What’s the most ‘starstruck’ you have been?

I have never been more star-struck than the time I got to visit the SPACE X campus. Elon Musk wasn’t there that day. But that didn’t dampen how star-struck I was. I was so nervous being among the brilliant folks who are working hard to do nothing less than change the course of the human race.

What was one of the most memorable films you saw as a child?

One of my earliest memories is THE KID by Charlie Chaplin. That’s a good film.

What do you find the hardest part of your creative process?

The hardest part is shutting up the self-editor — The ego. He thinks he knows everything and is generally a judgemental jerk face. He’s judging me right now as I type these words out. He says it’s a terrible attempt at being funny and I should not send this if I want to be taken seriously. He also never stops talking.

What is one of the best pieces of advice you can remember being given?

If you come up with an idea you think is special, always assume that at least a dozen other people currently have had the same idea. And half of them are way more talented than you.

When it comes to watching films? Physical Media or Digital?

I like both. But tend towards digital!

Let’s say the same for music?  Digital or Physical?

Definitely digital!

What is one of your favourite current TV shows? (or let’s say in the past 10 years)

I recently finished THE OA and I’m a big fan!

Are you a video gamer? If so, what’s your console of choice?

Anything with a mouse and keyboard! Haha! I really miss those days.

Do you read reviews of shows that you are in?

I think it’s important. It’s an effective way to counteract any echo-chambering that might be going on.

angryreader_chrisdinh If you had to make a bucket list of people you’d love to work with, tell me one name who would be on it?

Elon Musk. I’m not sure in what capacity. I just know I want to meet him and work with him. And be best friends and make plans to colonize Mars together… is this getting weird? I need to calm down a little.

What is one of your most favourite locations you have filmed in?

Mission District in San Francisco!


What film always makes you laugh?

Anything with Kristen Wiig!

What film do you love that you feel most people might not be aware of?

My writing partner, Viet Nguyen, introduced me to a movie called KENTUCKY FRIED MOVIE. It is so dumb. It’s good-dumb. Not to be confused with dumb-dumb… like this answer.


How do you prepare for an audition?


What excites you most about the film world today?

I’m really excited to see what comes out of the intersection of film, gaming and VR. We are living in exciting times.

You can follow Chris on Twitter @chrisdinh and check out his IMDB page at http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2285189/?ref_=nv_sr_1

I wish to extend my thanks to Chris for taking the time for Spending Time With… me, and also my thanks to Ashleigh for helping arrange it. Many thanks to October Coast Publicity.


If youd like to participate in the ‘Spending Time With…’ series then please get in touch with me via Twitter ( @frompage2screen ) or email at frompage2screen@gmail.com

‘Comfort ; is available on streaming platforms from February 14, and is written and directed by William Lu’s



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