Essex Heist is described as Reservoir Dogs, meets The Long Good Friday #supportindiefilm January 23rd 2017


88 Films, the established UK Genre Horror label are excited to announce their move in producing with the release of Essex Heist, a new British gangster flick which serves as a cross between Reservoir Dogs and The Long Good Friday.

Times are tough for Jez (Glenn Salvage – “Never Let Go”) and his motley crew of car mechanics, scraping a dishonest living in a small town on the Essex coast. So when they hear on the grapevine that a million pounds in cash is being transported across town, Jez plans an elaborate heist.

 There’s just one problem – the cash belongs to local crime kingpin Terry Slade (Steven Dolton – “The Curse of Robert”), whose iron grip extends to every criminal enterprise in town – including Jez’s garage.When the heist plan goes awry and the body count starts to rise, Jez and the gang learn the hard way that there’s no honour among thieves – and that nobody messes with Terry Slade!

Written & Directed by Steve Lawson


Glenn Salvage, Adam Collins, Georgia Annable, Steven Dolton, Dean Leon Finlan, Marcus J Langford




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