Top ten urban dictionary terms and some examples of how they are used in Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates


Go stag (verb): To attend something alone, without a date. Mike wanted to go stag to his sister’s wedding, but his family forced him to find a respectable date.

Killing it (verb): To do something very well. Dave, mate, you were killing it on that ATV!

Hammered (adjective): Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol and becoming severely inebriated. Alice drank so many cocktails last night, she was absolutely hammered!

Go hard (verb): To do something to its fullest potential, giving 100% effort. Tatiana went hard on that ATV, man! That girl is insane!


Erin Brokovich (verb): A way of referencing an event, usually in a film, in which the event is simply called by the name of the person who was involved or the film in which it appeared. In this case, Erin Brokovich is a reference to the 2000 film. We should Erin Brokovich this.

Punch up (noun): To get into a fist fight or brawl. Mike and Dave got into a major punch up over some wedding drama.

Baller (noun): Someone who has increased their status in life, usually used to describe a person whose financial success has allowed them to live an excessively affluent lifestyle. Alice you are an absolute baller!

Rolling (verb): The high you get off ecstasy. Alice, did you get Jeanie rolling the night before the wedding?!

Ri Ri (noun): A nickname for Rhianna. Let’s play RiRi! She’s my jam!

Jam (noun): One’s absolute favourite song, can also be used as a verb meaning to dance. We were jamming out to some great 90s classics.



Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates arrives on Digital HD on December 3 and 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray & DVD on December 12, from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment


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