Taking Stock by Maeve Murphy ( @MaeveMurphyFilm ) out now on VOD

Described as a ‘Bonny and Clyde; style comedy drama. Taking Stock is a wonderful film with a seriously great cast list that could well have been raided from my film collection (Georgia Groome (London To Brighton), Scot Williams (Hard Boiled Sweets), Jay Brown (The Fall Of The Essex Boys), Femi Oyeniran (Adulthood), Its always great seeing any of these names in a film. Its even better to see them all gathered in a single project.


 I’m hoping its not just me, but who hasn’t joked about robbing a bank? I don’t actually mean planning to rob one but more like the standing around the water cooler with your friends and doing the  ‘how would you do it?’ sort of routine.

In Taking Stock, we meet Kate ( Kelly Brook) a shop assistant and out of work actress Kate finds herself made redundant from her shop job,and finding herself inspired by photos of famous fugitive Bonnie Parker. Kate gathers up her ‘gang’ from her ex workplace and comes up with a plan to rob the shop of the takings before the business shuts down.; Of course with Kate being inspired by Bonnie. Who will be her Clyde Barrow?


Taking Stock is not only a really fun and enjoyable film. quirky, lighthearted with such a sense of fun about it which everyone needs now and again.Its a breathe of fresh air if you fancy a some mental relaxation from all the doom and gloom in the world. Looking into some of the other word that Writer/Director Maeve Murphy has done.it should have been obvious to me that she comes from a theatrical background and I think thats part of the charm for me with Taking Stock. It does have a charming theatrical feel to it. If Taking Stock hasn’t been seen on stage, then it should be. Of course that’s just my opinion. Taking Stock works wonderful on film, with lovely touches of ‘breaking the fourth wall’ and snappy realistic fun dialogue between the great set of characters.


Watching the characters mingling around on screen. I love to think that after each days shooting, the cast and crew all went out for dinner and drinks and to this day remain good friends. They all look like they are having a great time onscreen and hopefully that carried on offscreen.

Great work by all the cast and crew. Youve cheered me up this afternoon.

Taking Stock is available On Demand


Also available on Google Play

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