Peeling back the layers of Blood Orange ( @BloodOrangeFilm ) with @iggypop @kaceylclarke @therestis_ and @antonio_magro

Recently I had the pleasure of checking out the TobyTobias film ‘Blood Orange’ which I was fortunate enough to discover recently. Its perhaps a film that not that many people have heard of in the mainstream film world but its a certainly a film with which you should become familiar with. For me the ‘Will it work?’ hook was the fact that it stars musician Iggy Pop, whose name I of course know from his great music career, but wasn’t too familiar with his acting roles. When looking up on IMDB I found that Iggy has appeared in at least 27 projects up to so it would be totally unfair for me to class Iggy as a musician who is trying his hand at acting. The guy is a fully qualified and experienced acting talent and his role in Blood Orange as ‘Bill’ is a great testament to that. So what is Blood Orange about? Well here’s where it gets tricky. I could tell you the plot, that Bill (played by Iggy Pop) lives with Isabelle (played by Kacey Clarke) in a beautiful house with an amazing swimming pool and the sun seems to shine all day.Then….actually that’s as much of the plot as I am going to share with you because the beauty of Blood Orange and films like Blood Orange  is discovering the plot for yourselves and seeing a very well crafted story unfold over the 80 odd minutes or so Unfold it did. the film has a minimal cast list but everyone in the cast is needed, everyone is a piece of the large puzzle and every scene seems perfectly slotted in exactly where its needed to be placed in order to move the story forward. It reminded me in style of a very cool and wonderful film I saw many years ago called 2 Days In The Valley starring James Spader, Jeff Daniels and a whole host of others.


In ‘Blood Orange’, Kacey Clarke (Resident Evil:Afterlife, Green Street 3) excels in her role and is easily one of the most powerful pieces on this movie chess board. Wonderfully performing in this film. Sadly again to delve into more compliments for Kacey and for the other cast, would give away the plot and I wont do that to you. Needless to say the entire cast do a great job, and even though Iggy Pop plays an ageing musician in Blood Orange, the guy is still fantastic and subtle in this acting role. He isnt playing Iggy Pop, he is Bill. The other cast members Ben Lamb (Now You See Me 2, Divergent) as Lucas and Antonio Magro (Line Of Duty) as David, also deserve a round of applause for helping this film to be the entertaining project that it is. A successful film needs to have a successful team behind it. ‘Blood Orange’ does.

 Please do check out Blood Orange. I really look forward to talking about this film when its out there in the real world and people have seen it, that way we can talk without plot spoiling. I think that’s why I love films like this so much, I press play and watch a story unfold. I knew nothing about it beforehand and was wonderfully surprised. Whereas with 90% of the films in cinemas nowadays, they have been ruined by overshowing scenes in trailers, going into too much detail on social media. I long to get back to the days when films sold themselves on recommendations and not feeling the need to show us the major plot points.  That method works. I watched Blood Orange knowing nothing, and now am here to tell you or ask you to watch Blood Orange when you can. And hey. I haven’t ruined the plot.

kacey-barnfield-iggy-pop-looking-mischevious-blood-orange-film (1)

My immense thanks and praise go to all the crew involved in Blood Orange.  Thank you for giving my day a wonderfully entertaining start.

The hard part now for Writer/Director Toby Tobias is that this is his feature film debut. How are you going to beat this one Toby. Youve set yourself a pretty high benchmark but I wish you all the luck!

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2 thoughts on “Peeling back the layers of Blood Orange ( @BloodOrangeFilm ) with @iggypop @kaceylclarke @therestis_ and @antonio_magro

  1. Thanks for this review. I agree completely that movie trailers now ruin most of the films they are trying to promote! Loved the trailer for Blood Orange, is it only served to intrigue me. And what a movie it was! We were lost in the story for 80 some minutes, watching the plot unfold. Kudos to everyone involved.


    • totally agree Caddy. I will admit that sometimes its tempting when writing ‘reviews’ to talk about the plot. But with Blood Orange. I really didnt want to. Such a highly recommended film Glad you liked it.


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