Remembering #Suffragette

Suffragette is out now on DVD and Digital.

If I ever manage to invent a time machine. Im headed back to 1912 to slap some people silly!


Today I sat down and watched Suffragette, the 2015 film directed by Sarah Gavron, written by Abi Morgan and lived by women in the early 20th century. Whilst the story of the early feminist movement, battling for equal rights for women might seem like its aimed at a female audience. You couldnt be more wrong. Suffragette is a film for everyone to see, fans of drama, fans of great performances and for people who want to and need to learn something about the real world.


Films should either entertain you, or educate you. Suffragette does both but certainly has a larger percentage of the education side to its viewing. I thought I knew roughly what the feminist movement consisted off but after watching this beautifully photographed film, I realised just how little I knew and pretty often in the storyline I became angry at the way women were treated in this time period. Not to the point where I threw my TV remote against the wall but to the point that you just find it so hard to believe that treatment like this went on in the UK within the past hundred years. Its one hell of a history lesson. But lets not forget that as well as this being a true story, With a sterling cast featuring more names than I can mention. This is a wonderful ensemble cast, telling an insanely powerful true story with absolutely nothing to fault it. Its most definitely a film that everyone should watch and remember.  Whilst equality still has a long way to go, its certainly come on a few leaps since the days of the first Suffragette movement.

Suffragette is out now on DVD and Digital.

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