A newly released episode by @copsandmonsters

The crew from the digital series (or web series as some call it) Cops and Monsters have been busy putting the finishing touches to the third official episode in their series.

Director Fraser Coull has now released ‘The New Recruit’, a 6 minute episode which expands the show with…well a new recruit played by Ellen Patterson.

Maya Draws Her Gun in 'Cops and Monsters' - 18 July 2015

It would be totally unfair of me to dish out plot details for the episode, due to it being 6 minutes long, I could more or less plot spoiler it for you. But Im nicer than that. Here is the episode for you to watch.

It was filmed in the Summer of 2015 and has been a busy year for the crew, having crowdfunded the budget for this episode as well as drumming up more support at the recent film conventions Scifi Wales and MCM Glasgow.

Its also worth noting that their official website has had a slight revamp and more content about the show can be located there.

Fantastic work by Fraser and the crew who fight the battle that all indie filmmakers fight. Getting their films made.

Heres to episode four…but for now…enjoy episode 3

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