What is Experiencing Comic Con?

August 27th 2015

Its not too many days now until the Scifi Wales event that I am not only attending, but also hosting the Q&A panels and also shooting a lot of footage for Experiencing Comic Con. I’ve been so busy over the past few weeks. Mainly helping with Scifi Wales but also just trying to gather all the camera equipment that has been so kindly paid for using the Indiegogo funding which of course everyone who follows my accounts on Facebook and Twitter will know about. I don’t miss the days when I was forced to hammer everyone’s timelines with links. But its done now. I am now the owner of enough equipment to film whatever I need. Which is amazing.


So what am I filming?

Experiencing Comic Con came out of the fact that I will be attending Scifi Wales anyway. I will also be on stage talking to wonderful guests and meeting with cosplayers and event fans. So why not try and turn this into some sort of footage. Then as ideas do, they grew bigger and have now changed into Experiencing Comic Con, a feature length project that will give my insight into the day and events like this in general. Do I know what im doing by putting together a feature length documentary? Probably not, but Im a quick thinker  and will work out any issues as I go along. I already have a pile of paperwork and prep lists done and the cameras have been tested to make sure I know how to use them.

Whilst I dont envisage a problem speaking to attendees on the day. I have been to enough events like this to know that cosplayers love appearing on camera, and love having their picture taken (but please DO ask them first)  but the nervous part of me wonders how some of the guests will respond if i ask for a couple of minutes on camera, asking about their thoughts on comic con events, their memories of their first one and just a couple of light hearted questions. Hopefully people will know me from the @frompage2screen twitter account and remember that I am at foremost a film fan and be kind enough to spare a couple of minutes.

One question I had been asked about Experiencing Comic Con is where will it be seen? Well that answer to that is that I have no idea. It will be seen. I will make sure of that

At the minute, I am not thinking beyond the film appearing on Vimeo for people to see and enjoy. Its a film that is actually zero budget, because the only money spent on it was for the equipment, which will be used to film a lot more content over the years including the feature length interviews that started me off on the video content road.

Its going to be a very exciting and fun time. Not just filming Experiencing Comic Con but meeting with wonderful people and then putting together what I hope will be a really wonderful memory of September 5th 2015, in Llandudno, Wales.

For those who want to keep up to date with Experiencing Comic Con. I have added it to the IMDB which you can find here.

Experiencing Comic Con IMDB Page

There are minimal credits added now and of course people who appear in it are more than welcome to get themselves a ‘himself/herself’ credit. But there’s no way I would take the liberty of adding people first and then asking them.

For those who will be at the Scifiwales event. If you would like to appear in the film (or rather if you would let me film you) then drop me a line. Id love to have you in there.

I love forward to meeting you all on the day…

For more information about Scifi Wales you can check their website out at www.scifi.wales and follow them on Twitter @scifiwales

scifi wales latest


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