The Very Best of UK Film: Hard Boiled Sweets

Each Friday I will be uploading a new article to and in each article, I will go through one at a time, my favourite UK films. They are in no specific order and some of you might have seen the film I choose, but then again, you might not. They all come highly recommended from myself. I will try to give you some trivia on the film, a little background on the filmmakers and share some images and trailers from the film in question. Last week I chose the Paul Andrew Williams film London to Brighton. You can find that article here. hope you enjoy this weeks choice and its another film very close to my heart

Hard Boiled Sweets (2012)


Written and Directed by David L.G. Hughes.


Philip Baratini,  Elizabeth Berrington, Paul Freeman, Ty Glaser

Rene Zagger, Scot Williams, Ian Hart.

and many more.

The story is basically a simple one. A mixed band of thugs, hookers, pimps, corrupt-cops, gangsters and various hangers-on are all linked in various ways to a series of plots to steal a briefcase containing £1 million from Jimmy the Gent, who heads to East Coast resort of Southend-on-Sea to collect money from local boss Shrewd Eddie


I first ‘discovered’ the film when it hit DVD. Around the time I was pondering about expanding the podcasts of FromPage2Screen, I watched three films in a short time period. One of them was the JK Amalou Directed film “Deviation”, another was the Paul Tanter Directed film “The Rise and Fall Of A White Collar Hooligan” and the third was “Hard Boiled Sweets” which struck me as having such cool cover art and a very unique title, that I ended up purchasing it, not even reading the story synopsis on the box or even looking up the film on IMDB.


I instantly fell in love with the film, from the musical score by Tom E Morrison (which felt very “Get Carter” and has a fantastic 70s feel to it) to the ensemble of acting talent including the likes of Ian Hart (Backbeat), Paul Freeman (Raiders of the Lost Ark), and Adrian Bower (from TVs Teachers) to a whole new host of names whose careers I would follow from that moment and up to this day (and beyond) such as Scot Williams (who I had the pleasure of  meeting at his stage performance of ‘Hope’.


A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of speaking on a podcast chat with David L.G.Hughes and we spoke about his love of the writing of Elmore Leonard which inspired the feel of “Hard Boiled Sweets” and you can tell from watching the film. The story might be set ‘now’ and in a small UK town. (Southend)  But the story could easily be transported to the 1940s, or pretty much anytime and it would still work brilliantly.

Hard Boiled Sweets (like London to Brighton) is on a short list of films that I revisit at least once a year and a film that I love telling people about and recommending they watch it. Definitely a labor of love by the cast and crew and this also comes across in the wonderful Making of documentary that is on the DVD, along with the short film A Girl And A Gun on which Hard Boiled Sweets came from. Shot with a budget of only £250.00, yes you read that right. Its hard for me to even consider a film world where Hard Boiled Sweets isn’t around. I’m so glad it is. Its a fantastic calling card for those people who think “all UK films are the same” Trust me…they aren’t.


Hard Boiled Sweets is a breath of fresh air, a gem among the film world and a film that you should seek out if you haven’t seen it, and if you have already seen it. Check it out again. Its time. Revisit it.

In case youd like to learn more about the world of Hard Boiled Sweets. Here is the complete podcast that I recorded with Writer Director David L G Hughes.

Many thanks to David, and all the cast and crew of Hard Boiled Sweets. You make being a fan of UK movies, all that much more exciting.

David L G Hughes is currently working on Viking Destiny

Keep an eye out for that one.

I was recently informed by the awesome David LG Hughes that Pick and Mix:Making Hard Boiled Sweets can be watched here too. Check it out

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