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Eddie Dodson – Furniture Salesman.

Electric Slide takes us into Eddie Dodson’s (played by Jim Sturgess)  playboy world of 1983 Los Angeles. His world of fast cars, fast women, and fast music.

When Eddie meets the ultra cool Pauline (played by Isabelle Lucas),the attraction is instant and the two start to live out each other’s fast-paced fantasies. That is until Eddie’s financially iffy lifestyle catches up to him and the tough loan sharks start knocking and kicking at his door and dragging him away from window displays.  Eddie and Pauline then begin a fast paced spree of bank robbing and end up robbing over 60 banks.


Electric Slide is a super stylish film in an Elmore Leonard/James Elroy sort of world and with a great soundtrack from a great list of 80s songs including Depeche Mode, with great visuals and a crazy storyline that is only made crazier by the fact that it actually happened. Yes. Electric Slide is true, and Eddie the furniture salesman in fact turned into Eddie the armed robber.


For fans of films such as ‘Out Of Sight’ and ‘Blow’ with hints of ‘True Romance’ Electric Slide (Directed by Tristan Patterson) is definitely one to check out for many reasons not just that its got a fantastic supporting cast such as Patricia Arquette, Christopher Lambert, Chloe Sevingy, and Constance Wu. For those expecting raging gun battles a la Heat style, then you might find Electric Slide a little slow, but for those who like uber stylish films such as ‘Drive’ then Electric Slide is hopefully for you. Watch it with the sound turned UP.

ELECTRIC SLIDE - 2015 FILM STILL - Pictured:  - Photo Credit:

ELECTRIC SLIDE – 2015 FILM STILL – Pictured: – Photo Credit:

Electric Slide is available on Itunes, Google Play, Amazon Instant and more.

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