Loving the Showreels

Its time to share some more showreels. I love watching them and finding out just how many films I have seen and also discovering new things to watch. First up is.

Craig Conway 


It turns out that the first thing I saw Craig appear in was the brilliant mini series Our Friends In The North (1996) . Craig was born in 1975 in South Shields, Tyne and Wear, England and is an actor and producer, known for The Descent (2005), Dog Soldiers (2002) and The Tournament (2009). I have seen a lot of the films and shows Craig appears in and he has some very exciting projects in the near future.

Check out his showreel and see how many films you have seen

Kate Davies


Twenty Four credits to her name, with a huge amount in either post production or announced. The future is very bright for Kate Davies. A long way from her smallappearance in the awesome show Skins A great filmography which will give me a ton of films to watch . Check out Kates showreel.

Natalie Martins


An actress I am not familiar with as yet but a fantastic showreel with some titles that I shall check out. Appearing in Cruel Summer; Get Gone; TryLife; Poltergeist Activity; The Better Man; and Miracle Grow

Cara Bamford

She is an actress and producer, known for Housefull (2010),Lost Dogs (2005) and Virtue (2016), the first thing I watched which featured Cara was the great film MAde In Dagenham (2010)


Check out Caras showreel

Lindsay Foster


Joseph Steyne


Appearing in a host of films including Rise and Fall of The Krays, Inner Peace, and Panic. You can check out Josephs showreel here.

Brad Glen


Brad appears in the film Serial Kaller, a film I am familiar with due to it having connections with the films Bad Moon Rising and The Tombs:rise Of The Damned.

Check out Brad’s showreel.

Have you got a showreel?

Share it with me at @frompage2screen and I will add it to this list.

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