Danny Dyer hits our screens with Assassin from @signatureentuk

Mid-2013, I spoke with Filmmaker J.K. Amalou for an audio show I was hosting and producing for my FromPage2Screen podcasting network. We spoke for near on an hour about J.Ks career, and how he came to work with Danny Dyer for his 2012 film Deviation, which told the story of Frankie (played by Danny Dyer), a vicious schizophrenic who kidnaps Amber (played by Anna Walton) Deviation is right up there in my favourite works of Danny Dyer and since seeing the film for the first time, I hoped that J.K and Danny would work again one day.

assassinThat day has arrived and the reteaming has created ‘Assassin’ which takes us into the world of ‘Jamie’ (Danny Dyer), a ruthless killer for hire who finds himself entangled in some very risky scenarios following a contract he carries out for gangland kingpins Lee and John Alberts (played by Martin & Gary Kemp)


Filmed in late 2013, around the time Danny joined the cast of BBCs flagship TV show ‘Eastenders’ It does seem to have taken time for ‘Assassin’ to hit our screens, but sometimes that happens and its not a bad thing. For me though its been a bad thing as I have craved seeing more work by J.K Amalou for an age. Thats one of the downsides to following films from their genesis, I have to wait longer until I see the finished product.

But was ‘Assassin’ worth it?


Hell yes.  From the casting of Danny, and casting him along side The Kemp Brothers and also seeing Danny reunite with his co-star Eddie Webber (from The Business), who is great in his role as a Police detective. Its great to see this film come together under the command of J.K. Whilst some people might feel the film has less action than they might expect if they try and judge the film by its cover art.   there are more than enough action sequences to keep those fans happy ,

‘Assassin’ is a wonderful character drama piece telling us the story through characters and story rather than bullets and car chases. For me ‘Assassin’ is another great film to show Dannys acting talents, giving the film a thriller/drama feel to it rather than heading for a pure action project. Its my type of film. Story driven with a very plausable plot using reallistic characters set in a place we know but in a world we dont.


‘Assassin’ is extremly well put together, ‘Assassin’ is wonderfully casted, and ‘Assassin’ is yet another great ‘trophy’ for the career of J.K Amalou. Alongside Hard Men (1996), and Deviation (2012)

But now the end credits have rolled, its that time again. When I want more. I could have watched this film for a few hours more. Id love to have seen the story turn itself into one of those 6 hour TV mini series type shows that the BBC and ITV do fantastically from time to time. But at 80 minutes, ‘Assassin’ has given me a great evenings entertainment. Thank you to the cast and crew for that.

What will J.K Amalou and Danny Dyer work on next time?

It has to happen.


Produced by Barbara De Fina (Goodfellas, Cape Fear)

Assassin is out on DVD and Blu ray March 9th 2015.


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