Plastic Directed by @JulianGilbey

During a week long period of suffering major internet issues, I decided to use the time wisely and catch up on a large list of films that I had picked up but never found the time to watch. As often happens when I do this, I end up watching a film that makes me wonder why I hadn’t gotten around to watching the film before. No pun intended when I say that Julian Gilbey’s film ‘Plastic’ is indeed a ‘gem’


Taking us into the world of four friends, Sam (played by Ed Speleers), Fordy (played by Will Poulter), Rafa (played by Sebastian De Souza) and Yatesey (played by Alfie Allen) who keep themselves amused and well funded by running credit card scams using other peoples cards to purchase – well whatever they wish. When Rafa and Yatesey steal from the wrong man, their lives take on a whole new definition of seriousness which in turn drags in Sam and Fordy to a very deadly level.


Everything about this film is pure entertainment and brilliantly executed. Part comedy, part heist movie and part thriller all join together to make a cracking film by Director Julian Gilbey. The film also takes actor Will Poulter to a higher level and over the past few years its been fantastic to see Will take each film up a notch and hone his skills as an actor. Out of all the characters in ‘Plastic’, it is Fordy (Will Poulter) that I empathised with the most, he has loyalty, decency and seems to be one of the only ones in the story that you would want on your side in a crisis. That’s not a fault with the film, it’s a testament to the character writing and the mix of people that feature in ‘Plastic’’

Playing it straight: Will Poulter in Plastic.

Some of the characters in the film are dislikeable but that’s the whole point. You aren’t meant to like them all. Just sit back and spend a couple of hours watching people getting into bad situations and wondering how or if they are going to get out of them. It will also make you question your own credit card security that’s for sure. Does it sound flippant to say that ‘Plastic’ kinda works as a UK Oceans 11? I love heist movies and ‘Plastic’ has definitely leapt into the list of my favourite crime caper movies of recent years.

Alfie Allen, Will Poulter and Sebastian De Souza film Plastic in South Beach, Florida

Definitely check it out. I read a comment from a ‘reviewer’ who said that the film had some ridiculous moments in it. Well that my typing friend is kind of the point. It’s a great fun film that will entertain you for the duration of its running time.

Plastic is available on DVD 

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