Maps To The Stars Interview Clips

I have been a fan of the work of David Cronenberg since the early 1980s when I first witnessed the science fiction tilm Scanners (starring the fantastic Michael Ironside as Daryl Revok)

The film had one of the most memorable taglines for me, and one of the most memorable front covers to the VHS (ahh yes the days before DVD and Digital)


Since then, I kept an eye on the work of David Cronenberg, and chased down his earlier works (Rabid, Shivers, The Brood) and followed each film he released whenever the world was fortune enough to have a new David Cronenberg film. Whilst Davids films arent for everyone, Ive always been a fan even if I fully didnt understand what was going on half the time (Existenz for an example),

With David Cronenbergs latest film Maps To The Stars, he takes us into The Weiss family who can be decribed as the typical Hollywood dynasty: father Stafford (John Cusack) is an analyst and coach, who has made a fortune with his self-help manuals; mother Cristina (Olivia Williams) mostly looks after the career of their13 year old son Benjie (Evan Ward), a child star.  But with David Croneberg films, there is always more than meets the eye, and Maps To The Stars certainly delivers.


But this isnt a review article. That will come out on FromPage2Screen.Com this week. Sadly the site has been suffering from local internet issues which will hopefully be resolved within 24hours (heres hoping)

For you here are some video clips where you can learn a little more about the characters and the film itself.


Here is actress Mia Wasikoska talking about Maps To The Stars

Followed by a great 3 minute chat with actor John Cusack.

And finally.. Lets delve some more into behind the scenes of David Cronenbergs Maps To The Stars


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