He Who Dares:Downing Street Siege hits in January 2015




DIRECTED BY PAUL TANTER (White Collar Hooligan Trilogy, He Who Dares,)


STARRING SIMON PHILLIPS (White Collar Hooligan Trilogy, He Who Dares) AND TOM BENEDICT KNIGHT (He Who Dares)

Continuing  pretty much straight on from the events of He Who Dares, the film then flashes forward six months and shows us the UK’s number one criminal, Alexander Holt (Played by Simon Phillips) escaping custody

He then steps up his game and plans to storm the very heart of Government: 10 Downing Street. Meanwhile, SAS Captain Chris Lowe (played by Tom Benedict Knight) , who led the rescue in the first film and who is now  is facing an inquiry for the actions of his team on the day.

Taking advantage of political protest in the capital stretching the security services to breaking point, Holt and his team infiltrate the UK’s most secure building in spectacular fashion, blowing the famous number ten door from its hinges, and take the Prime Minister hostage inside the bunker underneath Downing Street. With the Security Service Officers all dead, Chris is the only man on the inside who can rescue the Prime Minister and the other hostages.

As the media frenzy over the attack builds, the Deputy Prime Minister convenes COBRA to take charge of the crisis. With a gun to the Prime Ministers head, the Government is unable to send in troops for fear of risking his life, and is unsure if Lowe is fighting for or against the terrorists. With no support from the outside world, Chris navigates the corridors of power andlabrynthian bunker below, freeing hostages and taking down Holt’s crew until it’s just the two old adversaries left in a final face off.

The film is another great running time of fun with Simon Phillips once again putting on his ‘Hans Gruber’ style bad guy role to entertain us all (and he does). He must have so much fun playing this role that you cant help hope that at some point He Who Dares will become a super long franchise.

Whilst this sequel does feel the loss of some of the great cast from the first film, such as Lorraine Stanley, Ben Lloyd Holmes and Zara Phyphian. There are more than enough new names to the list so fill out the gaps.

Paul Tanter once again takes the directing reigns for this film and the fact the film feels like a Paul Tanter film is not a bad thing. He has a great style with his filmmaking that suits me perfectly. Added to this the fact that I also have The Last Scout, The Disappearance of Lenka Wood, and TV show No Easy Days all awaiting release. I will get my Paul Tanter fix throughout 2015.

He Who Dares is already out on DVD, and He Who Dares:Downing Street Seige is out very soon.

January 5th 2015

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