Meeting the Allies from @AlliesWW2movie First up is @ChrisReilly1000

I write up press releases all the time, but one thing I want to do a bit more is to actually write articles where I just chat about a specific project. or a specific person. After a wonderful but busy weekend in the world of the film Allies (Directed by Dominic Burns) I have decided to share a few small articles where I shine a light on some of the cast members of the film. First up I wanted to type this one up about Chris Reilly, an actor who takes a main role in the film Allies. I wont go into his character (Harry McBain) or storyline points from the film because its now out on DVD and you should go and rent it or buy it yourself.

I have seen the film twice and its wonderful.

Allies Poster

So who is Chris Reilly.

Well I had the pleasure of first meeting Chris in May when I was invited to speak with some of the cast members of Allies for a podcast episode.

You can find that conversation HERE (itll open up in a new window)

Whilst the rest of the cast were fantastic and very easy to get along with, For this article I am going to chat about Chris Reilly. Yep he was fantastic and very easy to chat with. There was no first chat awkwardness. Top bloke!

So lets delve into the life (but not too much) of the fantastic Chris Reilly.


Chris was born in Glasgow but raised in Clydebank, and Rosshead in Alexandria, Scotland and in his adult years entered university where he studied Physics.for nearly two years before taking a job in the building and demolition trade. Hammering out a trade (oh come on, I had to use that hammering joke..forgive me.  Chris was then offered an opportunity by a friends Dad to get into the business side of things where he sourced the engineers and the draughtsmen for local companies. Chris then began to focus on business development which eventually led to him becoming involved with a green energy company in Alloa,(Scotland) who employed and stuck by him as he then ventured into the world of the arts. Working in a few ‘normal jobs’ (I hate the phrase normal jobs when I describe something that isnt creative, but you get what I mean) With Chris juggling jobs but also pursuing his love of the creative by working as back stage crew for the Scottish Ballet and opera, also working as an extra in some projects and studying like the hard woeker that he is. Chris Reilly graduated from drama school in 2009 which just blows my mind that he has been graduated for such a short time in the grand scheme of things.

Looking at Chris’s IMDB page which you can see HERE his first credit is 2010’s Five Daughters, a TV show which told the true story of five women killed in Ipswich circa 2006. Chris Reilly appeared in the third episode in the role of ‘Obs Man’ Also in the cast list for the series were such names as Ian Hart (Hard Boiled Sweets), Sarah Lancashire (Happy Valley), Vicky McClure (This Is England), Kierston Wareing (Eastenders), Jaime Winstone (Donkey Punch), David Bradley (Game Of Thrones) and Geoff Bell (Power To The People) and many more.

But pre 2010 there were theatre roles in 2009 such as In My Mouth by Firenza Guidi and Innocence by Luke Norris by Tom Cullen / Alex Vlahos. Chris has kept up the theatrical roles in between TV appearances and film appearances and has also appeared in short films and radio plays. IMDB never really does show all that people do. It should, but I guess its a movie database after all. (even though it includes TV)


With 14 credits (from the IMDB listings) in only 5 years, Chris Reilly shows no sign of slowing down. Also with having met the man himself a couple of times, you can see and hear the hard working drive that he has. He is such a credit to the industry and for those of you who see his latest film ‘Allies’ You will be stunned to learn taht he only graduated from drama school in 2009.  It boggles my mind but shows just how much of a hard working talent Chris is. Oh did I mention that he has also (so far) appeared in two episodes of HBOs hit show Game Of Thrones. One of those episodes was only 3 years after graduation.

So what can we see Chris Reilly in beyond Allies?


With 3 projects in post-production, Everest (in which he plays the role of Klev Schoening) tells of a climbing expedition on Mt. Everest that is devastated by a severe snow storm. Starring alongside Jake Gyllenhall (Donnie Darko), Keira Knightley (Pirates of the Caribbean) and Josh Brolin (W). Everest is being released in September 2015. There is also the mysterious film The Devil Went down to Islington but also a small film called.. oh yes this one.


Chris Reilly is playing a Dwarf Lieutenant in the film and I for one will be trying to spot him when the film comes out at the end of the year.

Finally from his IMDB listing will come a TV mini series entitled Our World War. Chris is credited in one episode as a character called ‘Dodds’

Such a cool guy, anyone who hasnt seen the film Allies needs to check it out for a load of reasons. The great story, beautiful score, fantastic direction and perfect casting.

Chris on the left, Me on the right.

Chris on the left, Me on the right.

For your viewing here is a showreel of some of the work Chris Reilly has done. Give it a look and then leg it out to buy Allies on DVD or you can download it from the Itunes store.

Oh and then head over to Twitter and follow Chris and tell him I sent you.


Many thanks to Chris for being a great guy and hopefully being okay with the fact I wrote this article. In case you are wondering Chris, your website was a huge help to me finding out a bit more about you. I wish you the very best in all you do and I for one will be keeping an eye on your CV which from what I have seen, guarentees quality work from every role you take onboard.

Chris’s website is HERE

Here is the trailer for Allies: Out now from EONE Entertainment.

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