The Soskas are BACK! (not that they ever went away) with See No Evil 2


Unleashed on DVD and download on 20th October 2014

WWE Superstar Glenn “Kane” Jacobs reprises his role as the psychopathic mass-murderer Jacob Goodnight in the rebirth of WWE Studios’ franchise See No Evil 2, the blood-soaked sequel to See No Evil (2006)

The film will be available on DVD and download on 20th October 2014.

The film is directed by Jen & Sylvia Soska (American Mary) and also stars Scream Queen Danielle Harris (Hatchet II, Rob Zombies Halloween), Katharine Isabelle (TV’s “Hannibal”), Kaj-Erik Eriksen (88 Minutes), Chelan Simmons (Tucker & Dale vs. Evil), Lee Majdoub (TV’s “Arrow”), Greyston Holt (TV’s “Bitten”) and Michael Eklund (The Call).

Jen & Sylvia Soska

Jen & Sylvia Soska


A group of friends pays a late-night visit to the city morgue to surprise Amy (Danielle Harris) on her birthday. But the surprise is on them when the one-eyed corpse of brutal psychopath Jacob Goodnight (Glenn Jacobs) unexpectedly rises from a cold sub-basement slab. Their wild party quickly turns into a terrifying slay-fest as the sadistic mass-murderer resumes his savage rampage complete with hooks, surgical knives and power saws.



·         “Twisted Twins (Soska Sisters)” featurette

·         “Autopsy: Dissecting the Kills” featurette

·         “Kane’s Goodnight: An Icon Reborn” featurette

The Soska sisters have been such a breath of fresh air to the horror genre since they first emerged with 2009s brilliantly titled ‘Dead Hooker In A Trunk’ to this day, the most original film title I have yet to hear. Following with such imaginitive films as American Mary (2012) and a brilliant segment in ABCs of Death 2 which you can see October 2014. What better way to spend Halloween, than with Jen and Sylvia Soska as they freak us the hell out with See No Evil 2.

The Soska’s are such hot property, always interacting with fans and as said before, are a breath of fresh air. Horror fans through and through with filmmaking talent to equal anyone else.

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