Deth Enemy & Tom E Morrison

Just over a year ago, Annette and I took a trip over to Liverpool. We had been invited to a press evening for the stage show ‘Hope’ that had been put on by Scot Williams.  Just to give you some back story.

That previous year, I started producing/hosting/writing etc etc, The British Movie Show, an audio podcast which I hoped would shine a line on some projects that were fantastic and even though they werent in the dark. Most podcasts focus on the multiplex fodder and tend to not focus as much on indie film as they should, they certainly dont focus on UK indie films thats for sure. So I started up the show and of course through that, began speaking with and keeping in touch with fantastic filmmakers such as Paul Tanter, JK Amalou and one Mr David LG Hughes, writer director of ‘Hard Boiled Sweets’  (which starred Scot Williams)

Hard Boiled Sweets PosterThe show was fantastic, after the curtain lowered itself, there was a gathering where people would talk about the show, and get a chance to meet and speak with the cast and crew and also the audience.

That evening Annette and I met David LG Hughes who in turn introduced us to Scot Williams, Renee Zagger, and the composer for not only the show ‘Hope’ but also the film ‘Hard Boiled Sweets’ Mr Tom E Morrison.


We chatted for a while about film scores, films, what we do and how we work, that sort of thing and it felt like we had known Tom for far more than the 30 minutes or so we spoke. We said we would keep in touch and we did indeed.

I speak to directors, producers, actors quite often but its rare that I have managed to speak to a film score composer. Not sure why. I guess its just that its the way its been so to keep in touch with Tom Morrison is always good. Each time I speak to him hes always off and about working on something or other and probably rarely sleeps, He is too busy making scores for TV shows (such as Derren Brown), or films (such as Hard Boiled Sweets) or even video games. When we last spoke he was working on a video game score.

But dont let my words educate you about the man (but then again, do let me educate you) You should check out Tom’s official website over HERE

It delves farther into his work than I have written about and tells you about the bands he has worked with (Underworld)

Currently he is working with Deth Enemy and Plexiphones just to name a couple. This is one busy guy.

Tom E Morrison

Since moving down to Northampton in February, myself and Annette have been trying to get to one of the concerts, but time (and money) has been a killer. As FromPage2Screen climbs its way to the next level, time management is pretty shocking, and there are a few kinks that need hammering out.  But we assure you Tom, we will get to one and more of your shows. After listening to the score for Hard Boiled Sweets (which I purchased on Itunes) Its easily one of my favourite scores of the past few years.

You can purchase some of Tom’s music through Itunes HERE

I highly recommend it.

Also for those of you near this address and who love great music.


There is an upcoming show with Deth Enemy in Shoreditch/ The Pavilion on Saturday 10th May (on stage 9pm).

Deth Enemy are described as Melodic Hard Rock in the style of Def Leppard/ Glen Hughes/ Black Sabbath etc

They had a couple of great shows in Germany and Holland last week and are looking forward to the UK Debut!

Al, the singer will be going back to Australia on Monday and won’t be back until later this year.

Venue: The Pavilion 91 Brick Lane E1 6QL London Ticket link:

For those of you near to this location or at least able to get to it. Highly recommend going.  Want a teaser for Deth Enemy. . Yes? Here you go then.



I look forward to the days when I can just head out to every event that I would like to attend, those days and nights will come. For now. We are still on the upwards push to be able to do more of what we do.




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