The Week Of The White Collar Hooligan, but who does he know @siphillips1980 also

As the launch week of my most anticipated British film of recent times (White Collar Hooligan 2:England Away) continues. So do my ramblings about the film and its cast.

Earlier in the week, I wrote about Rita Ramnani who plays Katie in the film. In this ‘article’ I am going to focus on the wonderful Simon Phillips who played ‘Eddie’ in the film (as well as its predecessor Rise and Fall Of A White Collar Hooligan)


Born in 1980 (hence his Twitter handle is @siphillips1980) Simon has 36 acting credits to his name,19 producer credits, 2 directing credits and 1 writing credit.

Starting in 2001 with the role of Kitchen Cook is TVs Perfect Strangers, it wasnt until 2010 with the Dominic Burns film ‘Cut’ that I first saw Simon on screen.

I have seen films Simon has appeared in since then, but ones that were made before ‘Cut’ As I often talk about, UK films are totally under distributed and sometimes it can be years before people see them.

As I type this in 2013, days after watching Simons latest film ‘White Collar Hooligan 2:England Away’ I count 15 of Simon’s films that I have seen. 32 of his 36 credits have been released. So I have 17 of his work projects left to see.

I have seen Simon excel at  comedy in ‘How To Stop Being A Loser’, I have seen him tackle thrillers ‘Jack Says’,’Jack Said’, and ‘Jack Falls’

images (1)


He has dealt with science fiction working again with Dominic Burns in ‘UFO’ and ‘Airborne’.  The guy has no boundaries and there isnt any film that I have seen where Simon Phillips doesnt play at 100%.  He is one of the few UK actors where you know youll see a wonderful performance, regardless of the type of film he is in.




Lately Simon is known for his work with Nick Nevern in such films as Rise and Fall Of A White Collar Hooligan and White Collar Hooligan 2:England Away as well as the recent The Fall Of The Essex Boys. But not only has Simon worked wonderfully with Nick in front of the camera, but 2012 also saw the release of the Directed by Simon Phillips film GBH (previously called Riot) which showed Nick Neveern in his most powerful role to date.




What does the future hold for Simon Phillips? Well from the signs. No rest.

Very recently, he was in Los Angeles shooting science fiction film The Last Scout which sees Simon wearing the directors hat once again, but also sees him in front of the camera with some of the White Collar Hooligan co-stars, Rita Ramnani and Rebecca Ferdinando.

images (3)

Simon Phillips is not just a name to watch for the future. But a name to watch in the present and a name to dig back into and watch his past works. Its an ongoing process for me but I have yet to find a role that Simon didnt excel at.


For now, here is an interview Simon gave recently when talking about White Collar Hooligan 2:England Away.. A brilliant film that carries on the story from Rise and Fall of a White Collar Hooligan. It gets my ‘film of the week’ award (which isnt a trophy or anything, just my stamp of 100% approval. Thank you Simon for all you do. It makes being a film fan so much fun.


One thought on “The Week Of The White Collar Hooligan, but who does he know @siphillips1980 also

  1. Was a fun film to make and a role Simon is more than able to pull off. Some of his best work in my view and a fun 5 weeks in early 2011. We supplied all the background artists to this including the scenes with Martin Kemp in the hot tub scenes where we had 30 Bikini clad girls, a scene I was personally thanked for setting up although I’ve no idea why. Conway is brilliant in it and on seeing this brought back fond memories of the film directed by Dominic Burns who got us all in the mood for day one making this comedy after his last film Jack Falls which was a more darker film and more to what we are used to. Was a refreshing change and who wouldn’t want to work with the lovely Gemma Atkinson a actress with a passion for Green Tea and someone who got me to detox for the entire shoot although sadly i’ve let that slip so how about a sequel. Fantastic crew, cast and lovely film. Regards Johnny Lynch


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