All Things To All Men starring @leogregs . Review by @Specialkayxxxx

As much as I would love to make a living from doing what I do here. I dont.

As much as I would love to see every single film that comes out, I just haven’t gotten that much up to speed yet (either time wise or financial wise). So when someone offers to review a film for me that I haven’t seen. I jump at the chance.

I love the thought of having guest writers for this site. I really do, so anyone reading this who fancies sending in some reviews of films, books, or television shows. Drop me an email at and lets chat.

But for now, a HUGE thank you to Kay Sammon. You can find Kay on Twitter at @specialkayxxx



Kay contact me a week or so ago telling me she was going to watch the new Gabriel Byrne/Leo Gregory film All Things to Men and would I like her thoughts on the film. Hell yes I would.

So what did Kay think of All Things to Men.


I found the film absolutely brilliant,  Leo Gregory was outstanding,  the character he played was a man becoming a detective

I loved the fact, that Leo played quite a major role from beginning to end.

It was a good role to see him in.

The story line I thought was fantastic and had me gripped in places, even the soundtrack to the film was brilliant

I loved the whole set up of the film, even quite a crazy car chase was good too.

All the actors were superb but my eyes were mostly on Leo Gregory as I am a big fan and love his work.

I would sum this film up to be a great watch, with some great actors, a brilliant Storyline.


Leo Gregory absolutely smashed this film , he gets better and better in every role, cant wait for Top Dog

Basically All things To All Men. Brilliant.


Thank you Kay for the thoughts. I too have been a fan of Leo Gregory for years and its always great to see him crop up in a film. May 2013 be an even better year than 2012 was for the man with his standout performance in Wild Bill.

For those who want to add Kay to your Twitter feed. Ill remind you that her Twitter handle is @specialkayxxxx and the awesome Leo Gregory is at @leogregs  Send them some love!

Here is the trailer for All Things To All Men.



3 thoughts on “All Things To All Men starring @leogregs . Review by @Specialkayxxxx

  1. How is this a review? It’s just a teenage-level gushing of some 2nd-rate actor in a 3rd-rate film. There’s no discussion of dialogue, character, story arc, themes explored, director, nothing that would pass as a review of a film – just the immature outpourings of an obsessed fan.


  2. I guess you think of reviews differently than the author of this posting. In this article youll hear Kay’s thoughts about the film and the casting of it. That, my anonymous friend is her review. There doesnt need to be any discussion of dialogue or any plot points mentioned.
    Kay’s review is to say she enjoyed the film and especially Leo Gregorys performance. There is nothing wrong with that.
    As for claiming the writer is obsessed fan. Well Kay is a fan. I am a fan. Where is the issue with that?
    I always value peoples opinion and that includes welcoming your comment on it. I truly do. Reviews come in all shapes and sizes and formats. Kay chose this format and I back her up 100%


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