Oliver Stone’s ‘Nuclear’ documentary makes its entry into the digital world with Video on Demand release. June 6th 2023 ( @theoliverstone )

I first heard about Nuclear a couple of years ago when I heard filmmaker/writer Oliver Stone talking a little about it on one of the many interviews that he had given and having been a fan not only of Oliver’s narrative projects, I’ve also been a fan of of his many documentary projects that he has produced over the decades. 
Those many many months ago Oliver said on his Instagram post  “I’ve been working on this for almost two years with the enormous help of Joshua Goldstein, co author of “A Bright Future.” By now, I’m sure you know that this is an argument in favour of nuclear energy as the realistic solution to the gulf we now face in the production of clean energy for our continuing existence here on the planet Earth. This is an energy that will not only save the planet but allow us to thrive upon it. And although it’s long regarded in popular culture as dangerous, it is, in fact, far safer than coal, oil, or gas.
The documentary which runs 1 hour 45-minutes, gets into the details but doesn’t sink into all the petty arguments that the anti-nuclear crowd throws at it. Renewables like wind and solar work to a limited degree, but by now, we should know they don’t come close to fixing the problem alone — which is why the fossil fuel companies support renewables. Because they inevitably require large amounts of methane gas to ensure their reliability.

On Oliver’s social media accounts May 30th 2023, he stated the following. 

We’ve been to several science conferences, universities such as MIT and Harvard, and film festivals, but our biggest audience is now you — the public. On June 6 (D-Day), #NuclearNow will make its entry into the world of digital on VOD. Available as widely as we can at this point, we’ll continue with foreign sales in the next few months, as patience is required to get this out. We didn’t have the luxury of a Netflix to help us. But the climate crisis we face is, I believe, the greatest threat to our co-existence on this planet, and it requires positive, forward-thinking solutions — not more pessimism or cynicism. Nuclear energy, long defamed and misunderstood by the public, is a safe, realistic solution that can help ensure all of us, not just the privileged few, can look to the future with hope rather than fear.  We recently showed the film in South Korea to great effect, and this Memorial Day, I sat down with the free-thinking @joerogan to discuss the need for this amazing energy

Pre-order Oliver Stone’s acclaimed documentary Nuclear Now , available to watch on video on demand June 6th, 2023.


You can find out more updates (as I do) by giving Oliver a follow on the following platforms. 



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