TV comedian and YouTube sensation, Alasdair Beckett-King takes his hit show The Interdimensional ABK on the road. ( @MisterABK )

With several viral internet hits and appearances on Mock The Week under his (vegan leather) belt, Alasdair Becket King is thrilled to return to his first love – stand-up comedy, as he takes his hit show The Interdimensional ABK on the road.

After several sold out runs at the Edinburgh Fringe, Alasdair predicts that 2023 will be the year of hard-hitting, uncompromising whimsy. His YouTube spoofs now have millions of views, sure. But he learned to do stand-up first, so The Interdimensional ABK is a real show with jokes and everything. Schopenhauer said ours was the worst of all possible worlds, cementing the German philosopher’s status as “a right laugh”.  But He had a point. How are you supposed to perform whimsical comedy when the real world is so terrible? 

Astute, intelligent, and jammed with niche nerdery, whilst easy on thinly shredded nerves, The Interdimensional ABK is giving it a good go… Because as it turns out – here we all are, rudderless-ly moping about in the bafflingly miserable B Timeline, totally clueless to there being a marginally superior version. 

In the A Timeline Wetherspoons is called Definitelyspoons to start with. And, well, all and sundry is just generally better, happier, and more optimistic. But don’t despair – Alasdair Beckett-King is here, on a heroic mission, sent from the A Timeline to save us all from ourselves. He has however, hit a snag. The madness of B Timeline – war, injustice, growing anti-Ginger sentiment – is overwhelmingly distracting. And that’s before you get him started on Agatha Christie Poirot plots. Also – it turns out the B Timeline has heaps of awful things that he kind of loves. Instead of Alasdair making the B Timeline better, is the B Timeline is making him worse?

Innovative observational comedy, idiosyncratic animated illustrations and what one critic called “majestic” ginger locks, team up to deliver charmingly subtle commentary on the unavoidably addressed political climate in which we Timeline B inhabitants find ourselves.


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