Erotic Thriller ‘Graphic Desires’ Now on DVD courtesy of High Fliers.( @proportionprod )

When reclusive Franklin (David Wayman) cheats on his partner Candida (Sian Altman) with Atlanta (May Kelly), a mysterious girl he meets on a dating app, it becomes the start of a deadly obsession in this erotic thriller from writer/director Andy Edwards (Ibiza Undead)

Teaming up for the film are production companies Paranoid Android Films (Ibiza Undead, Threes A Crowd, The Vampires of Soho) & Proportion Productions (Game of Love, Cam Girls, Darker Shades of Elise) and together, along with of course the cast and crew of the film have put together a very stylish thriller. Viewing the story through Franklins point of view, we see that he seeks some excitement in his life, and ventures into the world of the online dating application. Whilst initially Franklin feels he has found the excitement he is looking for, we the viewing audience know pretty straight away that things are going to get a little trickier for the adventure seeking cheat.

Graphic Desires is a beautiful looking film and the cinematography by Vince Knight and score by Will Gold help elevate this film into the super stylish bracket. So often erotic thrillers can be more titillation experiences rather than thrillers with an erotic edge, but Graphic Desires does very well at keeping out of the way of a run of the mill film of this genre and is definitely worth watching and for those wondering if the title lives up to its name. Yes it does. Graphic Desires isn’t a film to watch if anyone’s in danger of walking into your living room mid film, they will definitely ask the question ‘ What are you watching????’

Of course films like this work very well as cautionary tales but we cant help enjoy watching Franklin heading into this unknown world even if we do know that this wont all work out well for him in the end (and no that isn’t a spoiler) There is more to Graphic Desires than initially meets the eye. It works on several levels, none of which I can really go too much into as I dont want to ruin the experience for you. But lets just say that you can watch Graphic Desires as a tale of Franklin who becomes hooked on someone that he doesn’t really know, or you can watch it from the point of view of Candida who discovers that Franklin is cheating on her and herself ventures into a different type of obsession.

You can watch Graphic Desires now on video on demand and on DVD You can get it on Amazon HERE

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