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Panel Host

I have hosted many panels and have 100s of hours of podcasting experience to go alongside it. I’m not one of these hosts who needs notes. I don’t use an Ipad to go through the list of questions. I get on stage and away I do. Giving the guests and the audience a very relaxed but highly interesting time listening to, or appearing on a Q&A panel.

I have hosted Q&A panels at Scifi Wales, MCM London Comic Con, Em-Con (East Midlands Comic Con).

Cops and Monsters (Nottingham) Em-Con 2014

Cops and Monsters (London) MCM 2014

Cops and Monsters MCM London 2014

Red Dwarf (Llandudno) Scifi Wales 2015

Robert Llwelleyn, Hattie Hayridge, Steven Wickham

Gerry Anderson World Llandudno) Scifi Wales 2015

Cops and Monsters (Llandudno) Scifi Wales 2015

Fraser Coull, Des O’Gorman, Anne Nicholson, Caitlyn Blackwood, and Sarah Louise Madison


Doctor Who (Llandudno) Scifi Wales 2015

Caitlyn Blackwood, Sarah Louise Madison, John Challis

2Kill Comic Launch (Llandudno) Scifi Wales 2015

Star Wars Cast Members (Llandudno) Scifi Wales 2015

Brian Wheeler, John Altman

Tabitha Lyons Cosplay Building (Llandudno) Scifi Wales 2015

2Kill Comics (Llandudno)Scifi Wales 2016

Tom Ellis, Simon Se, Jess, Sam

Game Of Thrones Cast Members (Llandudno) Scifi Wales 2016

Ian Whyte, Ross O Hennessy, Sarine Sofair, Ross Mullen

Emma Dark & Guests (Llandudno) Scifi Wales 2016

Emma Dark, Jason, John

Whovians Web Series Cast & Crew (Llandudno) Scifi Wales 2016


Film Prop Master/Sculptor Brian Muir (Llandudno) Scifi Wales 2016

Brian Muir


Star Wars Cast Members (Llandudno) Scifi Wales 2016

Alan Harris, Paul Blake, Paul Warren, Toby Phillpott, Clem So, Gerald Home


2Kill Comics:Issue 3 Launch (Llandudno) Scifi Wales 2017

Tom Ellis, Simon Sez, Roque Camisole, Sam Martin

Dead Air (Llandudno) Scifi Wales 2017

Geoff Harmer , Peter Hearn, Charlie Bond, Andrew James Spooner

Dr Who cast members (Llandudno) Scifi Wales 2017

Simon Fisher Becker, Sophie Aldred, Rosie Jane,Ian Hanmore, Jake Dudman, Gareth-David Lloyd, Victoria George Veale

Whovians (Web Series) (Llandudno) Scifi Wales 2017

Matt Ford, Teddy Smith, Rhys Jones ,Victoria George Veale, ,Ben Wilson, ,Rob Mealins, ,Hannah Griffiths ,Rachel Dunston

Red Dwarf cast (Llandudno) Scifi Wales 2017

Mark Dexter, Steven Wickham

Star Wars cast (Llandudno) Scifi Wales 2017

Gloria Garcia, John Simpkin, Tina Simmons

Of Gods and Warriors Cast Members Manchester 2018

Actor Anna Demetriou, Murray McArthur, and Martyn Ford

Of Gods and Warriors Cast & Crew Manchester Printworks 2018

Actor Will Mellor, Casting Director Jane Anderson and Producer Dee Ryder

Virginia Hey (with guest host Neil Johnson) (Llandudno ) ScifiWales 2018

Murray McArthur (Of Gods and Warriors, Game Of Thrones ) (Llandudno) Scifi Wales 2018

Red Dwarf (Norman Lovett, Phil Philmar) (Llandudno) Scifi Wales 2018

Star Wars (Mel Pickup & Laurie Goodie ) (Llandudno) Scifi Wales 2018

Dan Dare (Llandudno) ( Scifi Wales 2018)

Marvels Dr Strange (Zara Phythian) (Llandudno) Scifi Wales 2018



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