Gregory Lamberson’s GUNS OF EDEN blasts off. Out Now from Uncork’d Entertainment ( @GregLamberson )

Gregory Lamberson’s GUNS OF EDEN, starring Alexandra Faye Sadeghian, released on December 6th from Uncork’d Entertainment. The film, also starring genre icon Lynn Lowry (David Cronenberg’s Shivers), tells of a group of friends being hunted by down an armed militia.

When Megan (played by Alexandra Faye Sadeghian), her police office partner Jeremy (played by Peter Johnson), and his friends Blake (played by Dominic Luongo ) and Gabriella ( Nicole Colon ) go camping for the weekend to escape the city, the planned quiet trip doesn’t quite pan out that way after Megan and Jeremy witness the execution of Eduardo, a drug trafficker (played by Eugene Bofill ) by the crazy local sheriff ‘Preacher’ (played by Bill Kennedy ) and his deputies. Megan, Jeremy and the rest of the group attempt to flee, but the deputies seal off the mountain, and the sheriff gets an armed militia to hunt them down.

I’ve been following this films journey for a while now and always enjoy seeing Greg’s work (Killer Rack, Johnny Gruesome, Widows Point) . One of the first films I saw when I started podcasting many years ago was 2010’s Slime City Massacre, and ever since I saw that wonderfully strange film. I’ve followed Greg’s career.  Slime City Massacre had it, and Guns of Eden has it too, and the ‘it’ I’m talking about is his unique style of filmmaking and onscreen performances by the cast in his films. Whilst the films are made in the 21st century, they have a wonderfully quirky 70s or 80s style to them in the same vain as many of the Golan Globus Cannon films of the 80s that I adored (and still do adore) There’s a pretty fun early sequence to the film set in a convenience store which reminded me of the quirkiness of Paul Verhoeven’s Robocop (but not with Robots, just with its style)  (there’s also a nice little cameo role for Brooke Lewis Bellas as Judge Jenny, a few minutes later which made me smile.)

GUNS OF EDEN released on DVD and Digital from December 6.

Guns of Eden definitely doesn’t hold back on its name and by that I mean guns. not that I would try to count the amount of bullets fired in any movie, but I can tell without the shadow of a doubt that if I did want to try and count the bullets fired in Guns of Eden, id lost count within the first 15 minutes for sure and the gunfire doesn’t let up through the rest of the film either.  Pun intended, but I had a blast watching Guns of Eden, its crazy, its loud and its fun, and a large bucket of popcorn is needed when  you put up your feet and watch and hear the bullets fly!

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