‘Death Ranch. Written and Directed by Charlie Steeds ( @DarkTempleFilms ) Arrives on DVD this October

1970s American, Three African American siblings on the run from the police take refuge at an abandoned Tennessee Ranch, unaware their hideout is on the hunting grounds of a cannibalistic Ku Klux Klan cult…Trapped and tortured, the Clarence, Angela and Brandon must fight tooth and nail to escape alive and take down the bloodthirsty Klan and fight they do in one of the most brutal films ive seen for a while.

Written & Directed by Charlie Steeds

Wow, just wow. Death Ranch is such an uncomfortable film to watch but it should be. With its subject matter of course we don’t plan to sit down with a bucket of popcorn and watch three African Americans being hunted down by a gang of white supremacists, however by the time the film gets into full throttle , you will be reaching for the popcorn as the tables are quickly turned on the KKK and our three heroes give the supremacists a taste of their own medicine (and their own body parts in some cases)

Death Ranch is the following, tough to watch, visually brutal, gory, very gory, thought provoking, but is a classic throw to the era of Grindhouse movies of the 70s and even though its a tough subject for a film to tackle, its also a lot of fun seeing the supremacists get what they rightly deserve. Just remember that I did mention the film is gory and even after a few days of watching amazing films at Grimmfest, even Death Ranch still made me look away on a couple of occasions.

Great film from writer director Charlie Steeds and the performances by Deiondre Teagle (Brandon) , Faith Monique ( Angela) and Travis Cutner (Clarence) are top notch. Wonderfully energetic performances.

Death Ranch arrives on DVD in the UK from October 21st 2021 and you can preorder the film on Amazon here

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