Bridge of the Doomed. Starring Kate Watson Robert LaSardo, and Michael Pare, Out now on Video on Demand ( @kckwatson )

Bridge of the Doomed takes us into the tale of a group of soldiers led by Sgt. Hernandez (played Kate Watson) who are ordered to hold a bridge during a zombie outbreak. Now I know nowadays people see the word ‘zombie’ in a plot of a film or show and think its all been done before, and they’ve seen it all, and whilst often that is true. Bridge Of The Doomed doesn’t quite fit into that. They have done something different to the run of the mill or slow walk of the mill) zombie movie.  Whilst of course there is the insane zombie craziness within the film, the main hook of this film is to focus on the soldiers themselves and their battle for survival not just against the flesh eating hordes but also fighting amongst themselves and with other human survivors. This film doesn’t have a zillion dollar budget and so its not a World War Z type film and when it comes to some of the effects, then this lower budget does show, but coming from someone that grew up on films of the 80s, we should be (and i was) along for the storyline, and the fun of it all and there is a lot of popcorn eating fun to be had with Bridge of the Doomed, its a more intimate film when it comes to the flesh eaters, and its so much better for that. We get ourselves emotionally attached to the military unit which means the stakes are higher when it comes to them being in danger. They aren’t food for the zombies, they are characters we like and care about and also in some cases characters we dont like and so play that slasher movie game ‘Oh I cant wait to see them get eaten’

So if you can put aside any budget restraints, then you will find that Bridge of The Doomed is a fun ride, filled with a great cast and some wonderful insanity. There is also a cracking score by Clint Carney, Ted Phelps, and Nicholas Sutherland and its the sort of score you can listen to long after the film has finished (hopefully the score is available)

Highlights for me for the film is definitely the cast playing the military unit especially Johnny Huang as Private Lin, and Kate Watson as Sgt Hernandez. So. If you fancy putting your feet up, settling down for an hour and a half and watching some gun toting soldiers blasting at zombie mobs, whilst trying to keep their wits about them and defend a vital bridge. Then do check out Bridge of The Doomed. It was a blast! (which isnt a spoiler)

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