Harvest of the Dead Halloween Night, starring Scream Princess Dani Thompson. pure indie joy with a great cast! Now on DVD from Vipco ( @MissDaniTeeze @Vipcoltd )

Recently I picked up the DVD of Bad Moon Rising, a film directed by Alasdair MacKay, starring Dani Thompson and featuring myself (yep me) as an extra . I got it because its pretty much the only DVD that I think I feature in and its a wonderful addition to my geek collection (plus its a fun film)  Whilst on the Vipco site (where you can buy the film) I also managed to get some other fun looking films one of which also starts Dani Thompson and that film is Harvest of the Dead Halloween Night, which turns out is a follow up to a film I haven’t actually seen (2015’s Harvest of the Dead), but that’s fine. even though I haven’t seen the 2015 films, I didn’t struggle too much at following the storyline of the 2020 sequel. 

I had such fun watching this which is not only written by Peter Goddard & Terence Elliott but they also take the directing reigns too and handle it really well.   Whilst some horror and film fans might scoff at the low budget feel to the film, I felt this added to the charm of this film and the crew behind this film have done a great job.  It harks back to so many slasher films I saw in the early 80s and it was such a fun nostalgia trip.

The cast looked like they were having a blast too and id love to have been on set for this one and as a couple of bonus’s on the DVD there’s a fun and really interesting 52 min making of by the filmmakers and also a 7 minute featurette by the team from Britflicks. that near hour of extra footage gives an insight into where the idea for the film came from, and is fun to watch for indie filmmakers out there (and that includes me) 

So lets talk the story of Harvest of the Dead Halloween Night  (and remember, I did say I haven’t yet seen the first film)

Apparently its set the day after the events of the first film and Sally Burns (played by Scream Princess Dani Thompson) and her friends are preparing for a Halloween party. As the evening of fun kicks off, (and some of her friends have their sights set on causing some relationship issues) unbeknownst to them, The Plague Doctor and The Creature are preparing to join them.   Whilst this film works very well as a horror, I actually preferred the party scenes to which there are many and this cast of friends doing their thing, was fun to watch. but when things kick off the house is ‘invaded’ by uninvited beings, then by that time, we do care about this gang of friends and worry about which of them (if any) are torn to bits by the rampaging creatures, so you know what, I’m taking back what I said. the mix of party and horror works perfectly.

If you like your horror to be fun and yet have enough gore to entertain you, then  I would check out Harvest of the Dead Halloween Night. I now need to track down the first film and complete my experience with this team of filmmakers.   


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