New releases this February from VIPCO and BayView Entertainment ( @Vipcoltd )

More titles have been announced for the Blu-ray in the US and Prime Video across the globe from Vipco as they continue to build their genre library. So which four titles are headed out this month. Well first up is this! 

A group of friends go out for a day to cheer themselves up and come across the unconscious bodies of two girls outside of a nuclear facility. But the two girls turn out to be mad killers and they turn the pleasant day out into a nightmare. And did we mention the poison gas that was created by a mad scientist? Includes Uncensored Extras including Photos, Behind-the-Scenes, Trailers, and a Music Video.

Carnal Monsters is coming to Blu-ray and Prime Video on 28th February 2023 from VIPCO & BayView Entertainment.

Harvest Of The Dead: Halloween Night is next up and is a film I watched when it was released here in the UK and is  coming to US Blu-ray and Prime Video on 28th February 2023  So what is the film about? Well  It’s the day after the events of the Harvest Of The Dead and Sally Burns and her friends are preparing for a Halloween party. As the evening of fun kicks off, unbeknownst to them, The Plague Doctor and The Creature are preparing to join them. Bonus Features: Director’s Audio Commentary.

It’s Not A Wolf is also adding its self to the world of  Blu-ray on the same date  and Prime Video on 28th February 2023. Glauco is brought home after living in solitary confinement. Along with a young girl from the neighborhood, Laura, she will face a monstrous threat that goes beyond logic. Includes these special Bonus Features: Behind-the-Scenes and Graphic Novel Creation.

And finally in February (also 28th) comes The Things We Cannot Change, on bluray and on Prime worldwide.

A line is being drawn between vampires that don’t want to be a slave to their blood addictions and those that feel vampires are the superior race and they should yield to their addictions. In a dark inner sanctum, Dr. Abraham provides therapy sessions for vampires to fight their chronic blood feeding. A vampire himself, Dr. Abraham has a theory that blood is not needed to survive, it is just horribly craved. He works with other vampires who dislike the monsters they have become to fight their blood desire.

So theres a few more additions for the Vipco collectors out there, and do keep up to date on their website here

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