Strangers wake to find themselves fighting for likes, and their lives in ‘Death Count’ Starring Michael Madsen, Costas Mandylor, Sarah French and Devanny Pinn

A group of strangers wake and find themselves trapped in a cellblock with no memory of how they arrived or why there are there. They find that they are wearing ‘shock collars; and soon learn that they are at the mercy of super sadistic ‘Warden’ (wonderfully played by Costas Mandylor)  When ‘The Warden’ explains to the group that they are part of an online popularity game which has deathly consequences should the ‘contestants’ not gain enough ‘likes’ from the online viewing audience. 

Directed by Michael Su ( (Bridge of the Doomed) , ‘Death Count’ is a cracker of a horror thriller and whilst in some ways there will be comparisons to the Saw franchise, this film exists in the world where ‘Saw’ the movie exists are there is a nice little reference to not only that film, but also ‘Hostel’  With a great cast including Devanny Pinn ( Crossbreed, Manson), Sarah French ( Blind, Art of the Dead), and Michael Madsen (Kill Bill, Reservoir Dogs)  and great direction and super bloody gore effects (don’t watch the film whilst eating!’ Horror fans will have a blast with ‘Death Count’  Its also worth giving a shout out to the wonderful sound design on the film which enhances the experience. Whilst on the surface you might think this is a run of the mill clone of many other horror films, actually Death Count is a really well put together thriller horror that is one ill be recommending to film fans. 

Death Count is available on Video on Demand. Now

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