Lets meet Charley Palmer Merkell from The Guvnors

Lets meet a cast member of The Guvnors

10577062_10152375684062869_7010029815990705401_n In the fantastic film The Guvnors (written and directed by Gabe Turner) the character of Trey, the right hand man of Adam (played by Harley Sylvester), Trey is easily one of the scariest people seen on screen for a while, yet has such a sense of realisism, that those who have met people like Trey, can see that the actor behind the character  has done his homework for this role. Or perhaps he has met such scary and real people in his life. Either way Trey is a force to be reckoned with.

Trey dishes out some brutality in The Guvnors

Trey (played by Charley) dishes out some brutality in The Guvnors

Trey is played by actor Charley Palmer Merkell.

Born in 1992, from Bethnal Green in London, Charley is busy at the moment filming the movie ‘Legend’ which stars Tom Hardy and Tom Hardy as Ron and Reg Kray. In ‘Legend, Charley takes the role of Leslie Holt, who is a croupier who was very close to Ronnie Kray if the news articles are correct. Charley is playing a real life character who you can see in the photo below.

Legend has developed such a high profile with its highly interesting casting (Tom Hardy playing both brothers),) as well as its supporting cast including Lorraine Stanley, Emily Browning, David Thewlis, Christopher Eccleston, Josh Myers, and of course, Charley Palmer Merkell.

Legend is due out in 2015.

Lord Boothby, left, and Ronnie Kray with croupier Leslie Holt.

Lord Boothby, left, and Ronnie Kray with croupier Leslie Holt.


Charley Palmer Merkell in the film ‘Legend’ as ‘Leslie Holt’

With a project list (according to the IMDB) of 10 at the moment, Charley first appeared in the 2012 short film Believe The Magic (by Jimy Cauty) starring alongside Deborah Harry (Videodrome) and Branko Tomovic (24:Live Another Day) that told of a 24 hour fast paced road movie story.


Charley then appeared in the highly acclaimed (and great series, I have seen it) Mayday which featured a great list of cast members such as Aiden Gillen (Game Of Thrones), Lorraine Stanley (London to Brighton), Richard Hawley (Love Actually) and many more.


Charley Palmer Merkell in BBCs Casualty (2014)

Charley also appears in the Julian Gilbey (Rise Of The Footsoldier) film Plastic, alongside Will Poulter (Wild Bill, We’re The Millers) in the role of Ralph.  Charley has also appeared in the short film Nurture (2013) by Meg Campbell.

"Nurture" (2013)

“Nurture” (2013)

With other projects in various stages of production, including the TV mini series Our Girl, where he plays a character called Lily Savage, I feel that once you all see The Guvnors, Charley Palmer Merkell will be a name that is burned into your mind and someone you will definately follow as he goes from strength to strength with his roles.

With an embargo on my thoughts on The Guvnors and its performences the fact that I am choosing to write up a few articles about cast members should say a thousand words on my thoughts for now. Charley Palmer Merkell is most definately a power to watch on screen. You will be hearing more about Charley and of course The Guvnors in future articles. For now, head out and watch a few of his back projects.  Let us know what you think and what you have watched.

Harley Sylvest & Charley Palmer Merkell in The Guvnors

Harley Sylvester & Charley Palmer Merkell in The Guvnors


 The Guvnors is released to our homes December 24th 2014



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