Lets meet Vas Blackwood from The Guvnors

Lets meet a cast member of The Guvnors


In one of my top films of 2014, The Guvnors (released on DVD December 24th 2014) (written and directed by Gabe Turner) the character of Bill is played by the wonderful Vas Blackwood. Bill was one of best friends of Mitch (played by Doug Allen) until life seperated them, but as we see in The Guvnors, a reunion is bound to happen as trouble brews in the world, brought on by Adam (played by Harley Sylvester)

Vas squares up to Doug-CS1_2197

Lets talk about Vas Blackwood.

With nearly 50 film & TV credits to his name (according to his IMDB page which you can find HERE, Vas was first credited in 1981 on the TV series Prisoners of Conscience where he played the role of ‘Boy’, at the age of 20 years old.

As TV role after TV role helped build up the CV of Vas’s, it was 1986 in the BBC high profile show Only Fools and Horses as Lennox, that people might have first seen Vas Blackwoods performance. He was excellent as the armed robber who takes Del, Rodney and Uncle Albert hostage in a supermarket office.  Definately one of the best episodes of the show (not counting the one where Del falls through the open bar)


But it was in 1998 with a ‘small’ film that came out of nowhere and pretty much changed the face of UK film again that the name of Vas Blackwood would be associated with, pretty sure until the end of time. Yes, that film is Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and that role is ‘Rory’


I was working in the video store at the time of the films release and its up there with Trainspotting, The Full Monty, Billy Elliot as films which drew in an audience that had previously become wary of British Films. Thats part of the reason I do what I do with FromPage2Screen, to make sure that spotlights are shone on films that the average Joe, might not realise is out there. Lock Stock needed no such help from me thats for sure, and to this day whenever I ask people to list their favourite British films of all time. Lock Stock is usually on at least 2 out of 5 peoples top film choices.

“Im not the kind of pussy to drink it”

Im pretty sure that Vas has been quoted that line back to it hundreds of times over the years, and thats a testiment (hopefully not an annoyance) to just how brilliant his performance was in the Guy Ritchie film. Easily one of the most quotable characters in the movie. You have to wonder it Vas realised at the time, this role would haunt him for decades (in a good way though).

Vas Blackwood then went on to appear in so many films that appear on my DVD collection such as Mean Machine (2001), The Escapist (2002), Creep (2004), Daylight Robbery (2008), Offender (2012), White Collar Hooligan 2 & 2 (2013, 2014), and The Guvnors (2013)

He is always 100% reliable in a role, and I say that as a film fan. You see Vas’s name on the credits and you know 2 things.

1: Is that hes going to give a great performance.

2: Its going to be something that little bit different, in a good way.

Here is a few clips of Vas Blackwood. See which ones you recognise

It always puts a smile on my face when I see Vas on the listings because you can tell from the characters he plays that he enjoys what he does and hes very serious about what he does. He has the humour down to a T, but can also play serious and deadly if and when he needs to.

His role in The Guvnors fits perfectly into that.

As the role of Bill, it works perfectly.


A big thank you to Vas for all the role he has given over the year, heres to the ones in the past, and the ones in the future.

You can catch up with The Guvnors when it hits DVD December 24th 2014

Check out the trailer, trust me. Youll love the film. But more about that soon.

Say hi to Vas Blackwood on Twitter @vasblackwood and tell him I said ‘hi’

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