Name n Number for The Guvnors!

It will easily have been a year since I first heard of this film.

The Guvnors.

Meet The Guvnors was how I previously knew the film.

Not sure if that was its original title or whether it was just the name of the Facebook page.

But whilst I have been very busy keeping up to date with over 60 projects (probably more).

The cast and crew of The Guvnors have been busy assembling a fantastic cast and a fantastic crew.

With the combined vision of giving us the best film they can give us.

August2014 is nearly here and thats when the majority of us will find out if they were successful.


So who are The Guvnors and thats the film about?


Described as both a love letter and also some hate mail to the alpha male. The Guvnors is a very violent but relevant UK thriller set amongst the clans , gangs and firms of South East London, bringing two generations together in brutal conflict.


The Guvnors alpha is Mitch (played by Doug Allen) who lives buried in suburban London, having turned his back on his previous life of violence as part of a South East London crew.

But when you hide monsters within you, theres always the chance they will one day break out.and the film holds a mirror up to Mitch showing him the monster once again, buried deep but perhaps not deep enough.

The first trailer is out there now and within this article for you to see and yes for those eagle eyed among you. That is Harvey Sylvester in his movie debut. Harvey is one part of Rizzle Kicks. On all accounts its a very impressive screen debut for Harvey, barely recognizable due to his characters attitude and a nasty facial scar. In The Guvnors, Harvey takes on the role of a gang leader with troubles. Although to what level these troubles take him, well youll have to see the film to find that one out.

Harley-Rizzle-Kicks-Film-Debut (1)

The Guvnors  also stars Martin Hancock (Screwed),Vas Blackwood (White Collar Hooligan 2 & 3) Jay Simpson (Utopia) ,Tony Denham (Vendetta), Lorraine Stanley (London to Brighton, The Hooligan Factory), Patsy Palmer’s son Charley Palmer-Merkell and David Essex (Silver Dream Racer), and  is written and directed by Gabe Turner (In the Hands of The Gods, The Class of ’92)


The film is produced by Leo Pearlman, Cass Pennant and Danny Potts.


* The Guvnors is released across the UK in August 2014

It had its world premiere at the Edinburgh Film Festival June 24th 2014.

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