Following its festival runs, Guernsey Thriller, Marooned Awakening, begins theatrical release in independent cinemas in the UK and Guernsey.

The Guernsey Thriller, Marooned Awakening, has begun a theatrical release in independent cinemas in the UK and Guernsey. This follows recent success at International film Festivals.

Marooned Awakening follows Alex, a young journalist, and his father, a grieving fisherman. Alex is preparing to leave behind his island life for a job in the city. As he pursues one last investigation into a recent boat accident, he is forced to reconsider his own perception of reality.

Leaving his girlfriend and family behind is harder than he first thought. The Drama stars Murray McArthur (The Northman, Wonka), Cameron Ashplant (The Last Bus, Masters of the Air), Tilly Keeper (Eastenders, RIPD2), Tim McInnerny (Nottinghill, 101 Dalmatians) and Brian Webster. Musaab Mustafa directs the thriller, implementing surrealist and classic styles. The movie recently picked up ‘Best Picture’ at the California Indies in Los Angeles and also ‘Best Drama’ at the Paradise Film Festival in Hungary. The Film was also recognised at London’s FalconInternational Film Festival where it was given an honourable mention.

The limited arthouse release in the UK will have the film showing at various cinemas across the country throughout February and March. The film is expected to show at venues in London, Scotland and South West England. The release coincides with the return of popular Netflix series ‘You’, which shares Tilly Keeper in a leading role. It also occurs just months after Murray McArthur guest-starred in the record breaking series Wednesday. The picture is an Across the Channel and Ivy Gate Films production, with support also from Guernsey Arts. The film is co-produced by local producers Frances and Roger Le Tissier, who financed the film and provided the support which enabled the film to be shot on-island in 2021.

Islanders have a final opportunity to watch the film as it is now showing at the Mallard Cinema. For viewers in America and Canada the film can be watched on streaming services, including Amazon and Apple.

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