Revenge is served all day. …..Help ‘Pancake Man’ raise its production funds

What is Pancake Man? Well Its about a man pushed to the very edge and he heads out on a revenge campaign  Pancake Man is said to be a cross between “Falling Down” , “Reservoir Dogs”  and “Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels”  which is an insane but very interesting mix of great films. Writer Director Bron Theron is helming this bonkers titled film and has teamed up with Mike Della Pia and Easley Entertainment to bring this film to the finish line and out into the world. Currently running an Indiegogo campaign, they would love you to join them in helping raise their much needed target.   There are a whole bunch of great perks to suit all tastes (and donation sizes) and you can check those out HERE 

Of course the film is still putting some touches to its production but casting updates are coming out about the film and Im super excited about some of the talented souls that are onboard. Corin Nemec (Stephen Kings The Stand) is onboard, Jeramis McFadden (ShadowMarsh) is onboard, and the awesome Elissa Dowling (The Most Dangerous Game, Starry Eyes) is onboard.   

The Indiegogo campaign has 13 days left (at the time of this typing) and would love you to head over to their Indiegogo Page and help out. if you arent in a position to financially help, then a share, a tweet etc, of their page would help out a lot too

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