British Psychological Thriller, Marooned Awakening’s North American rights acquired by Gravitas Ventures & release date set for 21st February 2023.

The North American rights to British Psychological Thriller, Marooned Awakening, has been acquired by Gravitas Ventures. A US/Canada release date has been set for 21st February 2023.

Marooned Awakening follows Alex, a young journalist, who is preparing to leave behind his quiet island life for a new job in the city. Forced to part from his girlfriend, Emily, he prepares to leave his home. As the tensions with his father escalate, Alex pursues one last story, to uncover the unsettling truth of a recent boat accident. This final investigation challenges his own perception of reality.

Marooned Awakening stars Murray McArthur (Wednesday, Wonka, Of  Gods and Warriors)), Cameron Ashplant (The Last Bus, Bet your Bottom Dollar), Tilly Keeper (You, RIPD2) and Tim McInnerny (Nottinghill, 101 Dalmatians).

Musaab Mustafa directs the thriller, implementing a surrealist and classic style. Following a limited theatrical release in the UK, from the 2nd of February 2023, the film is set to premiere on streaming services in North America on February 21st. This coincides with the return of hit Netflix series ‘You’, which shares Tilly Keeper in a leading role. The feature, written and produced by Ashplant and Mustafa, is an Across the Channel and Ivy Gate Films production, with support also from Guernsey Arts. Marooned Awakening is added to a 2023 slate offered by Gravitas Ventures, which also includes the Alyssa Milano headlined Who are you People.

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