The stunning art photography Hardcover Edition of ‘Bare’ by Maly Siharath is now Available on Amazon ( @Maly_Siharath )

Mithamaly Siharath, perhaps more known as Maly Siharath is a Model and Fashion Stylist for celebrities, magazine, red carpet, film, and various other campaigns has today released her latest book  ‘Bare’ which not only has some stunning photography work featuring Maly (including great work from photographers Manuel Gonzales, Steve Anderson, FotoEffex,New You Photo, Mr Photo Gilbert Vasquez,Bill Ellis, Tim Corey,Kris Martin,Allen Kaye,David Mitchell and many more but also features to accompany the stunning photographic work, some great inspirational works of dialogue such as ‘Confidence comes from keeping the promises you made to yourself’, One small positive thought can change the whole day.  and my personal favourite ‘Once you need less, you will have more’

For photography fans, this is a stunning book filled with well over 100 pages of photography of various styles.which will get your photography mind all inspired to pick up your camera and begin (or resume) building your portfolio I did used to take a lot of photos many years ago and loved doing it. Since then life got in the way and I moved away from still photography, but i still miss it. Looking at ‘Bare’ and seeing the many styles of photography in it, it does remind me that I do miss photography and I should really start doing that again.  So this book works wonderfully for inspiration for photographers and im sure also for those who want to appear in photos (that’s not me, I prefer being on the non-lens side of a camera) 

Bare by Maly Siharath is definitely a book for photographers and fans of photography will love (which of course includes those who love being in front of the camera) I did see an electronic version of the book so Im not sure on the dimensions of the book but I suspect it will be what they call a ‘coffee table’ book and itll be a fantastic addition to your book collection. great work by Maly and all the many talented photographers that help put this book together.

The book is also lovingly dedicated to Chanthavy Siharath who was Maly’s Mother and who very sadly passed away in 2009. This dedication is also accompanied with the line ‘I Am The Woman I am Today, Because Of You’   such a beautiful dedication and Im sure Chanthavy  would love this book and also what Maly is doing with her creative side.

Bare by Maly Siharath is currently available on Amazon HERE in Hardcover and is due to be available on Barnes & Noble very soon

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