From Writer Director Kemal Yildirim, The Haunting Of The Lady Jane screens at Horror On Sea, this January ( @HauntingFilm @kemalyildirim @HorrorOnSea )

Written and Directed by award winning film maker Kemal Yildirim, The Haunting Of The Lady Jane is headed out into the world and has announced a January 14th screening at Horror-On- Sea You can find out more here

The film stars Natasha Linton as Lily, Bryony Harvey as Zara and Sean Botha as Willard as they travel together along spooky creepy waterways. But these  waterways of the English countryside are plagued by legends of ‘RÀN’; a water spirit who collects the bodies of sinful people along the river. After a disturbing incident left Lily emotionally scarred and estranged from her parents she decides to begin her life again.

Now a socially aware writer on female empowerment, she decides to tour the country with Zara, whose journey of self-identity has led her to fully explore life. Lily met Zara through her blog and decided to become travel companions. They see a chance to travel on a barge the ‘Lady-Jane’ on the English canals. Accepting an offer of a free passage up the British canals, Lily and Zara find themselves isolated with Willard, a religiously obsessed man whose past is murkier than the canal waters. The threesome’s journey upriver becomes increasingly bizarre and dangerous as Willard’s fascination with canal ghosts surfaces, and the spirit known as ‘RÀN’ torments them on their journey.

As well as the main three stars, im also super excited that the film stars Helene Udy from My Bloody Valentine, Dr Quinn Medicine Woman and Star Trek Deep Space Nine but to me Helene will always be from one of my favourite films of all time The Dead Zone, where she played Weizak’s Mother

Check out the trailer for The Haunting Of The Lady Jane

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