Head to Kansas this June (by plane, car, train, bus or if you can fly- even cooler!!) and check out SmallvilleCon ( @Smallvillecon )

Liistening to the Caped Wonder podcast earlier (which I highly recommend by the way for all things Superman)   They mentioned this very cool sounding event.   Smallville Con which has an event coming up in the next few months.  Being held at the Kansas State Fairgrounds in Smallville, Kansas on the 22nd of June and 23rd of June. this looks like a cracker of a two day event.  and whilst there are tons of great guests going (You can see them here  https://www.smallvillecomiccon.com/guests 

For me the highlights are definitely the Superman associated guests and its times like this i wished I lived in Kansas and not the UK. Imagine being able to meet Sarah Douglas (V, Superman, Superman 2, Conan the Destroyer), Mariel Hemingway ( Manhattan, Superman IV:Quest for Peace, Star 80)  and Mark Pillow (who was very great as Nuclear Man in Superman IV: Quest for Peace, )

Well you can see them all, meet them all and chat with them all. So If you are in the Kansas area (or can get there) then I would recommend checking out SmallvilleCon


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