Korean action thriller directed by Lee Jung-jae ‘HUNT’ out now in UK and Irish cinemas and on Altitude.film. 

The outstanding Korean action thriller HUNT is released today in UK and Irish cinemas and on Altitude.film. The Korean box office smash HUNT is directed by and stars the soon-to-be-a-household-name South Korean superstar Lee Jung-jae – winner of an Emmy Award for his role in the phenomenon Squid Game, and starring in next year’s Star Wars series The Acolyte. His directorial debut – nominated for the Golden Camera at this year’s Cannes Film Festival – is packed with terrific set pieces, a complex, engrossing plot, and superb performances. 

Set during the political turmoil of South Korea in the 1980s, Lee plays an intelligence chief tasked, along with Jung Woo-sung (The Good The Bad The Weird), with rooting out ‘Donglim’, a mole whose leaks are threatening the country’s national security. Recalling Cantonese classic Infernal Affairs (and its remake The Departed), the incredible stunt choreography of The Raid, and political thrillers No Way Out and In The Line Of Fire, with some big scale shoot-outs (including a nail biting gun battle on the streets of Tokyo) that wouldn’t look out of place in HeatHUNT is a slick, smart debut, with all the intrigue, espionage, suspense and frenetic action you can handle. Fans of recent outstanding Korean cinema hits Train to Busan and Parasite should be sure to track down Lee Jung-jae in HUNT for another film that engages the mind and will thrill you to the core.


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