From Directors Marc Zammit and Craig Hinde comes ‘Witch’. Check out the official trailer.

Small town, England. 1575. William (played by Ryan Spong) embarks on a journey to prove the innocence of his wife, Twyla ( played by Sarah Alexandra Marks ), falsely accused of being a witch and will be put to death if found guilty. William must hunt down the real witch, to save Twyla from death.

This is the story of ‘Witch’ from a story by  Marc Zammit (Director of Homeless Ashes) and directed by Marc Zammit and Craig Hinde.  The team behind ‘Witch’ have now official released its trailer and you can check that out here.  No news yet on an official release date for the film but sounds like the team behind the film are super busy as the attention towards the film ramps up. Looking good!

Alongside Sarah Alexandra Marks (Kill Kane) and Ryan Spong (the Remote Office), the cast also features Fabrizio Santino (TV’s Hollyoaks),  Russell Shaw (The Lockdown Hauntings) , Daniel Jordan (Molly Crows), Mims Burton (TVs Doctors), Jane Hamlet (BoXed), Anto Sharp (Homeless Ashes), Ritchi Edwards (Are We Dead Yet) , Nick Tuck (Homeless Ashes) , Nell Bailey (The Cartographer) , Danny Howard (The Hooligan Factory ), Ella Starbuck ( Medusa 2: Queen of the Snakes ), and Livvy Nicolae (Dream Horse)

A Skylark Vision Production

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