Completing The Mimi Trilogy #supportindiefilm and the need for assistance ( @mimitrilogy )

Anyone that has made a film or written a book or recorded an album or done anything creative you know its not a case of planning the project, and then working your way through the list of items and then successfully completing them without any snags or hitches or problems along the way. Encountering problems is half the excitement though, (strange thing to say, I know) but this is how we learn. Its how learn anyway. Encountering something along this film journey of mine that slows me down or causes a budget overrun which forces me to reevaluate things and find a successful route to the same destination I had planned from the beginning.

Many of you may know that I have been filming, writing and putting together a trilogy of short films which I have been referring to as The Mimi Trilogy  They began life over a year ago and at the moment, the film film has been shot, filmed a few months ago in a lovely farm house in Lancashire. The 2nd and 3rd films will be shot in November this year and I’m super excited to get back behind the camera. As well as filming Mimi 1, I have been documenting the journey of putting together my first narrative film and plan on releasing that story either as some sort of interview film, or perhaps a book of some kind. Im not sure yet and wont decide on that until I have put the films down and they are completed and out there in the world. I dont want to go through too many of the behind the scenes stories yet as they will make for entertaining reading when the time is right, however one of those stories I do need to share and I need your help with its solution.

I began editing the footage from Mimi 1 several weeks ago and whilst my PC is new (purchased over a year ago with the intent of this being used as my media machine for all things film) I soon discovered that the machine itself was certainly not capable of editing the 4k footage into the 4k finished film. It managed a 1k workprint which looks good but a bit low-res. It also managed (just) a 2k workprint but did struggle like a train trying to get up Everest. However attempting to output the film into a 4k version will likely result in the computer turning itself into a smoking gun and that would cost me far more than it would to repair than waiting until I can upgrade the memory in the PC and also the video card to a 4k capable component.

This is where I need your help. I currently have an Indiegogo campaign running for the next 8 days which is set for £500 (its currently on £145) and to which the money will go towards the much needed video card, but also help me get a much needed prop for Mimi 2, and the location fees for the third Mimi film. All these 3 vital elements add up to around the £400 mark but Indiegogo only let you set a £500 target at the lowest.

The campaign link is here

Id love you to have a look, donate if you can, share and retweet if you cant donate (or do both) Help me finish these films and bag yourself a nice IMDB thank you credit from me as a thank you for helping me make my own films after spending many years admiring the work of others


One thought on “Completing The Mimi Trilogy #supportindiefilm and the need for assistance ( @mimitrilogy )

  1. I think what you’re doing is incredibly brave and clever, I wouldn’t know where to start in making a film but I guess I could ask you now haha. I’ll always help in whatever way I can, just as I did with Mimi 1. Good luck Stuart, I look forward to seeing the finished films and any other films etc that you may plan for in the future.


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