How did It:Chapter Two do for me? ( #itchaptertwo ) ( #itchapter2 ) #movies

Having just gotten out of a screening of It:Chapter 2 a couple of hours ago I thought I would put my fingers to the keys and write out a review. Im a big fan of the 2017 film It:Chapter One and have had anticipation at a decent level for this big screen adaptation of the Stephen King novel. But did it hit the level I had hoped for. Firstly, the acting was great with a top notch cast (Bill Hader steals nearly every scene he appears in) , the cinematography was beautiful and the storyline stuck to the book for the most but somehow I watched It :Chapter Two with a ‘it was good, but not great’ sort of feeling. Someone in the audience behind me at the end turned to his partner and said ‘they should give awards out for the shi*test film ive ever seen, that was it’ and whilst I dont agree with that comment at all, I did feel that the film just didnt hit right for me. But why?

I suspect it was partially my fault. Its been two years since I watched It:Chapter One and I think people are thinking of It:Chapter Two as a sequel and not as the second half of one film. I feel into that mind set I think and had I rewatched It:Chapter One this week , then I would have gone into the second chapter not spending time trying to remember what had happened in the 2017 film.

So thats my tip. rewatch the first chapter before heading into watching the second chapter and you will enjoy the film far more than I (or the guy behind me) did.Its a wonderfully ambitious film (or two) and I am really hoping to sit down and watch the film as a whole when it hits bluray especially if the rumored super cut of the films  actually happens. I do also wonder, even though the Bill Skarsgard performance of Pennywise is, I do wonder how wonderful the WIll Poulter version would have been had been like when Cary Fukunaga was attached to the film before he departed and Andy Muschietti came onboard.


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