Lullaby, by Fruitless Forest is out now on Itunes, Soundcloud and Spotify #supportindiemusic ( @fruitlessforest )

Fruitless Forest began its infancy in 2010 as a solo recording project in the bedroom of Karl Francis now here we are a decade later and Fruitless forest has not only blossomed into a 5 piece folk/pop band but continues to shine bright with wonderfully emotional shows with their charming, upbeat and yet haunting music  The music and vocal talents of Fruitless Forest blew away from moment one and I chased them down in a friendly way to let me include for of their work in my up and coming films  ‘The Mimi Trilogy’  Whilst I of course love the visuals of ‘The Mimi Trilogy’ , without the music of Fruitless Forest, the films would love a very vital ingredient of their beauty. I cant wait to show the films of and give Fruitless Forest another avenue to show just how amazing they are. They are one of my favourite music bands EVER!

But things have gotten more exciting, with the release of Lullaby, the new album by Fruitless Forest which can be found on Spotify, Itunes, and Soundcloud


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