Looking for the proof of life after our death ‘We Go On’,another gem on Shudder ( @shudder ) ( @shudder_uk ) #supportindiefilm

Paralyzed by his fear of dying, Miles Grissom (played by Clark Freeman)  takes out an advert offering 30,000 US dollars in reward money to the first person who can show him evidence of an angel, a demon, or prove that ghosts really exist – anything to prove to him that we go on after death. He narrows the responses down to three viable candidates – a scientist, a medium, and a worldly entrepreneur. Along with his protective mother, he embarks on an adventure through Los Angeles that will spiral into an unthinkable nightmare.

‘We Go On’ was my choice of films on Shudder earlier today and once again Shudder have given me another gem in the world of so many films. Filmed on what Im sure was a low budget, the film handles that wonderfully with a top notch script and great performances from its two leads Clark Freeman and Annette O’Toole (who played the role of Charlotte, Mother to Miles) and great cinematography with the ‘indie’ feel that so love about a lot of independent films The film has great atmosphere which will keep you on edge without falling over the edge like many other films of this nature fall fowl to. Even though the film deals with spooks and things we might not believe in, the fil still feels very much grounded in reality.

Another recommendation from me to you if you have a Shudder account. If you dont have a Shudder account then I cant recommend one enough for you. At the price of a couple of cups a coffee a month (if that!) you have a wealth of thrillers and horrors at your streaming disposal, plus TV shows, Podcasts and much more. Next week we get the new Creepshow which will be a Shudder exclusive! Bring it on!!!!




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