Get My Gun, another gem viewed on Shudder ( @shudder_uk @shudder ) #supportindiefilm #movies

Venturing into the wonderful world of Shudder this week, sees me head for another film that I hadnt heard of, knew nothing about and never bothered watching the trailer before I pressed play on the film. But which film was it. This weeks choice was the 2017 Brian Darwas directed horror thriller Get My Gun starring Kate Hoffman ( Love After Love) as Amanda, a hotel domestic who spends her days cleaning up after mysterious hotel guests who use the hotel rooms for various means. When her work colleague(played by Christy Casey ) plays a harmless revenge prank  on Amanda, things take a darker turn which sends Amandas life down a very different path.

There are so many good things to say about Get My Gun, from its wonderful Grindhouse feel, to the fantastic character development that makes you care about the characters before the inevitable horror elements rear their ugly and violent head. Whilst the film does have some plot points that make you go  ‘erm’ I like to think that these plot points and puzzles are placed within the film to back up the previously mentioned Grindhouse feel to the film. Even if the plot points were plot ‘holes’ I dont care, I still had a blast watching this film and the performances on screen.

This is yet another ‘gem’ on the Shudder streaming platform and whilst I am sure I will stumble across a film I dont like, so far with Scanners, Mayhem, Summer of 84, Ozploitation and Get My Gun. Shudder is getting more of my viewing time than many other streaming platforms. Great work by all and I cant wait to find out what I will watch next.

Oh and just in case you are wondering how I choose what I watch. I choose the films at random, scrolling along and down and across and see what I end up with. Random is the way to go.

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