Two more Mem Ferda ( @memferda1 ) produced films are announced. They couldnt be more different! #supportindiefilm #movies

With appearances in films such as The Devils Double, Revolver, Pusher, and dozens more onscreen roles. Youd think filmmaker Mem Ferda had no more free hours in the day. But Mem has somehow managed to find more time to not only appear in films but also produce feature films.

Just announced are two more features to add to his already impressive resume and here they are.

Not only does this film have a seriously fun bonkers title, but from what we hear and read Clownado will be a splatter filled creepy horror film ..
Described as ‘something new, fresh, and original’  but with the familiarity of the things horror fans love.
When a bunch of cursed demonic circus clowns set out on a vicious massacre using not knives or balloons but using tornadoes. A group that includes a stripper, an Elvis Presley  impersonator, a truck driver, a teenage runaway find themselves caught up in a supernatural battle between a femme fatal and the boss clown from hell himself. This film sound bonkers. Count me in!!

Written and Directed by Todd Sheets (Bikers Babes From Beyond The Grave)


The other film that has been announced is Eminence Hill which features great names such as Lance Henriksen (Aliens, Millenium), Dominique Swain ( Face/Off), and Barry Corbin ( Wargames, At The Edge Of Time),  In a tale set in 1887, Arizona in a time of lawlessness
Eminence Hill, a town run by deeply pious and fanatical homesteaders. They have worked hard to establish an oasis. But how will a group of blood-thirsty outlaws change the dynamic in this town formed by those who live by Gods Law?
I guess we will find out when the film is released but im sure its going to be a chaotic battle

Written and Directed by Robert Conway ( Exit To Hell)


I wish all the cast and crew the very best with these films and I cant wait to check them out. Mem Ferda once again process that there might be 24 hours in a day, but he will find a way to increase his workout put and never sleep!


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