Redirected, Plastic and Jimmy Grimbles

One of the tasks I set myself this year is to watch far more films made by the British industry than I have in any other year. I clocked in a reasonable amount of UK films in 2015 but when I looked over the list, I realised I could do more, therefor more I shall do. So far this year I have watched four films, which isn’t too bad considering its only the 5th of January and I am also busy battling man flu. So what have I watched and what did I think of them? Well first up and opening the ‘What I have watched this year’ list was a film from the year 2000.


Theres Only One Jimmy Grimble, a tale of young Jimmy Grimble (played by Lewis McKenzie), a bullied teenager who dreams of playing football for Manchester City. One day he encounters a pair of old football boots which appear to have the magic talents of making him an even better player. Now for those who dont like football (that includes myself), dont be put off by the film. I always find is bizarre that I dont like football yet always find football films really entertaining, and with a supporting cast of Robert Carlyle, Way Winstone, and Ben Miller. Theres Only One Jimmy Grimble was a great film to start the new year off with.

I then moved onto a film I watched for the first time last year, but wanted to rewatch it and show Annette how good it was, plus shes a fan of Will Poulter who plays ‘Fordy’ in the film Plastic, directed by Julian Gilbey (Rise of The Footsoldier)

Whilst a lot of Plastic is set in the USA, its definitely a UK film, and takes us into the world of credit card fraud. Sam (played by Ed Speleers) and Fordy run a credit card fraud scheme, but two of their colleagues Yatesy (played by Alfi Allen) and Rafa (played by Sebastian De Souza) steal from the wrong man, they find themselves threatened by a sadistic gangster. The foursome then find they need to raise £2m to save their own lives.

Alfie Allen, Will Poulter and Sebastian De Souza film Plastic in South Beach, Florida

Plastic is such a fun film, reminding me of classic films The Italian Job (not the remake) and also newer films such as the Oceans trilogy. People doing crazy things and running against a deadline to save something or other, In the case of Plastic, its their lives. The cast is wonderful, the film has a glossy feel to it which makes a nice change from a lot of UK films and will most definitely keep you entertained for its running time. Add to that a great supporting cast of familiar faces from the UK indie film scene including a cheeky cameo by Terry Stone (Bonded By Blood), and supporting roles by Mem Ferda (Breakdown), Charley Palmer Rothwell (The Guvnors), Ashley Chin (Starred Up) to name a few.


Finally for this triple bill of films, I opted for a first viewing of Redirected, a UK/Lithuanian venture that has to be one of the craziest films I have seen for a while, certainly this year. And whilst the cover art has Vinnie Jones firmly on the cover, Redirected is an ensemble cast effort. Vinnie plays….well he plays the same role he portrays in a lot of films but he does it well so who am I to critique. Redirected takes a very basic plot of three friends who want to make a fast bit of money and end up dragging another friend in on the caper, but theres nothing simple about making fast money, certainly not in a movie, and as you can easily predict. Things go pear shaped.


The casting and dialogue (and the insanity) are the main stars of Redirected. Scot Williams (Hard Boiled Sweets, The Crew) is on crazy form as Michael. His day starts off well and goes downhill at a breakneck speed, taking him from the UK to Malaysia but only getting as far as Lithuania. For me the scenes with Scot were easily the best in the film as Michael is the only character you truly feel sorry for and seeing the poor guy go through the ringer is insane, but also somewhat funny. This is a light hearted bonkers movie after all. The film did remind me a little of the Oliver Stone film U-Turn starring Sean Penn, not because the storyline is similar but just because of the insanity of the wrong person being in the wrong place at the wrong time and being surrounded by the wrong people. Both films are fun and mental.

So there you have it. Three films to start the year and three films that I totally enjoyed and thought id share them with you.

Happy New Year to you .


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